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    I've had bits of this one sitting around for a while, figured it's about time to dust it off and get some work done.

    The breakthrough was figuring out that I could use a Tommy Gun drum for the chunky part of the magazine. The rest was just shaping, filing, sanding, etc.

    Parts used: PSR body, Tommy Gun drum, Dadao blade, JFLR barrel and undergrip point.

    More smoothing and general stuff to be done. Then maybe paint.

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    1. diegoboy 40 months ago | reply

      HL2! Great rifle.

    2. Mλster cheese 40 months ago | reply

      the mag is too big imo

    3. Kick N Brick 40 months ago | reply

      Great job! Now get a overwatch unit :D

    4. Catsy [CC] 40 months ago | reply

      Wow, really? I'm flattered, but... I really just threw the Gordon fig together to show off the OSIPR mod. :) It's far from the first time I've used that mannequin either--for example:

      You'll know when I make a serious attempt at a Gordon fig, because it'll be in a completely custom-painted HEV suit. But hey, if people like it, that's cool. :)

      I'd love to get some of those Overwatch helmets that were going around a year or so ago, but they're hard to find.

    5. TheMissingPiece 40 months ago | reply

      Well, I suppose the Exo-Force torso was a bit more striking, and I'm not complaining. ;)

    6. Mλster cheese 40 months ago | reply

      im going to resin cast my own overwatch helmets soon, ill post a picture. interested?
      yes, they are EARLY WIP of course.

    7. Patbrick 40 months ago | reply

      Have you seen Brickdon's Freeman? You could achieve a great effect like that by modifying the collectable minifig hazmat suit.

    8. Ghost'95 (no Brickarms!) 38 months ago | reply

      love the pulse rifle!

    9. Hessianizer 36 months ago | reply

      Beautiful. I hope one day someone can get around to producing these... I would pay handsomely.

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