PLE as subset of PLN

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    Someone in my PLN asked what the difference between a PLN and a PLE is. This is how I see the relationship - the PLE as a subset or component of the larger Personal Learning Network.

    Just my initial thoughts, but can take it from here.

    BTW created this in my newly installed PowerPoint 2007. Looks great as a slide but when exported, it gets grainy like this. Tried gif, jpg and png, all with same results. Help, anybody?

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    1. st0nemas0nry 65 months ago | reply

      Have you tried "Save as" and selecting "JPEG etc." from the drop-down menu?

    2. catspyjamasnz 65 months ago | reply

      Yup that's how I got this which is poorer quality than Office 2003 Export/Save as function.

    3. tchilders1958 65 months ago | reply

      Open your PowerPoint file to this slide. Use the "print screen" function and paste the result into your favorite photo editor (Paint, PS Elements, etc). Cut out the section you want to save and paste it into a new file. Save as a jpg. Much clearer. I use this all the time.

    4. catspyjamasnz 65 months ago | reply

      Thanks guys. Have now used SnagIt on full-screen ppt and gets best result so far. Replaced picture.

    5. fishgirl7 65 months ago | reply

      yeah was going to say snagit - best thing ever

    6. nickn 61 months ago | reply

      Interesting diagram ... from the PLE part I think what is missing is "(emergent) practices" ... in fact I'd replace technological connections with it as your diagram (thankfully) speaks more to concepts, and perhaps tools covers technological connections ... or do you mean people connections through technology?

    7. catspyjamasnz 60 months ago | reply

      @nickn good point about the emergent practices. Perhaps time to revisit the diagram.

      Haven't quite got this articulated yet (which is why the picture was easier). I've split up the technological connections (in the PLE) from the inter-personal connections (in the PLN). I think of the PLE, the environment, as the 'hardware' of the PLN. The PLE can exist (as interrelated links, feeds and profiles on a myriad of sites), but is pointless without the encompassing PLN of people, connections and ideas to make use of it.

    8. mollybob 56 months ago | reply

      Oh my! I blogged about just this and came to the same conclusion as you!... but nine months later. I just found your post. Very well done (although I'm possibly a bit biased on that).

    9. pamelaaobrien 6 months ago | reply

      Joyce, I've used this image in my Defining Personal Learning Networks blog post Pam

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