One Last Zoom Before Winter

Come on. One last zoom before winter begins. We've been having some AMAZINGLY mild weather this winter, weather so good that we're already seeing a lot of motorcycles around! Today's forecast, however, calls for super-cold (like,

-15C or so) weather to return with perhaps some snow, even! It was fun to see the snow and cold weather spilling over the beautiful rocky mountains.


I like nothing better than riding. It's how I leave work (since I work at home).


Taken at the Calaway Park exit off the Trans Canada Highway, west of Calgary, AB, Canada. I *ALMOST* had her at 160 km/h (~100mph) today on the way back-- for a brief instant).


The wind was incredible. I have plans to take a few long-distance trips this summer and I think I'll be putting the fairing on if I'm going to make that trip!


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Taken on February 13, 2006