One Last Zoom Before Winter

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    Come on. One last zoom before winter begins. We've been having some AMAZINGLY mild weather this winter, weather so good that we're already seeing a lot of motorcycles around! Today's forecast, however, calls for super-cold (like,
    -15C or so) weather to return with perhaps some snow, even! It was fun to see the snow and cold weather spilling over the beautiful rocky mountains.

    I like nothing better than riding. It's how I leave work (since I work at home).

    Taken at the Calaway Park exit off the Trans Canada Highway, west of Calgary, AB, Canada. I *ALMOST* had her at 160 km/h (~100mph) today on the way back-- for a brief instant).

    The wind was incredible. I have plans to take a few long-distance trips this summer and I think I'll be putting the fairing on if I'm going to make that trip!

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    1. BoringPostcards 112 months ago | reply

      What a GORGEOUS pic! :)

    2. wmliu 112 months ago | reply

      wow, fighting the sun with the flash! the flare makes this shot!

    3. girlborealis 112 months ago | reply

      She's sure sexy.

    4. utilities 112 months ago | reply

      good photo mon-tay!

    5. queued 112 months ago | reply

      stellar. that is all.

    6. fotofix 112 months ago | reply

      wow, great angle

    7. scootbetty 112 months ago | reply

      This looks like a memory can I explain it? This is how it would look if I were you remembering that trip..

    8. Notley 112 months ago | reply

      new bike, hope you can see lot's of the country with this...:)

    9. Niks78 110 months ago | reply

      Very nice Retro bike! :o)

    10. Orangehouse 110 months ago | reply

      Cool picture. It's got a kind of Easy Rider in the desert feel to it.

    11. JEROME SLAGLE [deleted] 108 months ago | reply

      Cool flair shot!!!

    12. gibman 107 months ago | reply

      Cats.. one of my all time favs... beautiful.

    13. Motographer 100 months ago | reply of my favs!

    14. xeiss 100 months ago | reply

      Great photo! Becasue of the angle, the kick-stand is not visible so it looks like the bike is just about to topple!

    15. jhmj 97 months ago | reply

      great shot. love the lens flare.

    16. Andy van der Raadt (minimum) 96 months ago | reply

      The tarp came off last night.

    17. CatsFive 96 months ago | reply

      It's time......... for the quickening.

    18. oxygen246 92 months ago | reply

      Sorry for my that a 1980 Honda? I'm possibly getting one real soon and it was the goofy stock handle bars. I'm looking to take them off for the short bars such as yours. I'm an extreme noob to bikes especially one so old. lol

    19. CatsFive 92 months ago | reply

      Do it! It's a piece of cake.

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