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Monday morning again

This is the way... Buds #2 Promenade in the Tuileries Cold feet Monday morning again The three escalators Voyage of the sleepers Bienvenue au cnit #2 Bienvenue au cnit #3 The descent #1 Curved and straight #1 Curved and straight #2 The descent #3 The Gladly Swankolab Test Grid Continuity Not really sunset... Some evenings #2 Cabaret #1 Turning an imaginary corner The gates of Hell

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Mojopete says:

You are on a tear, my friend.
Posted 78 months ago. ( permalink )

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Gladly Beyond says:

Posted 78 months ago. ( permalink )

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Book'em says:

This set contains some outstanding surreal and abstract art work. Well done, love your vision.
Posted 75 months ago. ( permalink )

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Lexitos <....> says:

Posted 68 months ago. ( permalink )

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