Death by Christmas

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    I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I love the lights, buying people gifts, the 2 week break from work...I hate the crowds, how weird people get, worrying that I am not getting cool enough gifts and this year? I am having Anna questioning Santa and feeling torn between lying that he is real and letting her believe the magic (like I know she still wants to).

    It's exhausting!!!

    Get me a drink, stat!

    Check out this photo here:

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    1. Caitlyn_Witt 39 months ago | reply

      Omg your expression is so convincing!
      I love Christmas!!

    2. catklein 39 months ago | reply

      I did!!!! Ha!

    3. {no rest for the wicked} 39 months ago | reply

      Already at an end and Christmas is still weeks away? But, I do know the feeling. 'Tis the season we hate to love.... or love to hate. Or something like that.

    4. Invisible Cirkus 39 months ago | reply

      you really rock so hard. <3

    5. bethechange21 39 months ago | reply

      l so know this feeling!! Ceeanna asked at the same age. I figured since she asked, she already knew, just needed confirmation from me. But she still loves that I put "from Santa" on some of her prezzies and she's gonna be 20 in a few weeks! :)

    6. mocachip 39 months ago | reply

      Haa! I love it. And you are so good at Christmas!! (unlike me!)

    7. ÜℝℬⒶÑ Š№Θρ 39 months ago | reply

      LOL, this is awesome! Great job.

    8. threekusjes 39 months ago | reply

      I refuse to get caught up in the craziness.
      We are scaling way back this year....
      and if it makes you feel better my Christmas box is still in the garage!
      (have had 2 wks of company visiting)
      no tree yet......
      and one believer still. ;)

      guess we better get some Christmas spirit happening this w/e!
      you look hilarious & beautiful~but I like you alive better!!!!!! XXX

    9. just call me Mr Lucky 39 months ago | reply

      Once they question, I think it's time to tell them, like said. Time to let them in on the fun and magic that Christmas brings, regardless of Santa. After all, you love/hate Christmas don't you - and you know the truth..

      I would have loved to have seen the ten-second dash on this one too!

    10. Freedom of 76 39 months ago | reply

      pretty effing funny shot. got me laughing very early.

    11. Schoonmaker III 39 months ago | reply

      you make me laugh.... stand your ground!!!!!
      have a great pre christmas weekend or two, stress free, with just a pinch of weird peeps and crowds, cause they're entertaining, too .......

    12. espressoDOM 39 months ago | reply

      she bled streamers.... she was truly Santa's favorite elf

    13. riclane 39 months ago | reply

      Don't be messin' with SANTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. 1 Blinkie GoGo 39 months ago | reply

      Hello, Old Friend!!! I never told my kids one way or the other I would just look at them like they were completely insane and my feelings were hurt and it would confuse them long enough to change the subject.

    15. jhudgens 39 months ago | reply

      omg...I love!

    16. Paguma / Darren 39 months ago | reply

      You love buying gifts? Floyd likes cheese. Any size will fit.

    17. The Kristiano 39 months ago | reply

      Seriously, where didn't miss this??? You're the bestest!

    18. Yannick Rival [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

      What a fabulous shot! 20.

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