Carmel, June 2010
We had big omelettes for lunch both Wed & Thurs. Wednesday was at Pebble Beach, while they were still very much involved with taking down the US Open equipment.

Wed night, I found The Village Corner, loved the corner flowers, and went back for lunch on Thurs.

I used to go to The Tuck Box with friends in the 70s & 80s. We'd already had lunch before I saw the Tuck Box menu... so that's one of 2 places I used to get Welsh Rarebit! Wah -- I can have omelettes anytime!

The Pavarotti picture was in the window of Italian restaurant Napoli. This was the Colonial Terrace's manager's top choice. We ate dinner both Tues & Wed at Flarety's, a seafood bistro. I had their Crab Chowder both nights -- WOW!
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