Why the bees are disappearing....

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    .... We put a bee-box up in our garden to be wildlife-friendly and encourage the bees and ladybirds and other insects who like to sleep in holes - we didn't realise that we were encouraging them to be eaten! The other day I looked through the window in the pouring rain to see this woodpecker pecking his lunch out of the holes! He had a good peck, flew away, then came back about ten minutes later for dessert.

    Is this common behaviour for woodpeckers? I hardly ever see woodpeckers at all in the garden, let alone doing this.

    (The quality of this picture is not great, I know, but it was taken through two panes of dirty glass into a grey heavy-rain-pouring day.)

    1. Cath in Dorset 23 months ago | reply

      beak in as far as it will go:
      why the bees are disappearing....

    2. SteveJM2009 23 months ago | reply

      So it's a woodpecker larder, not a bee box! I suppose that just goes to show the ingenuity of Nature!

    3. Ollie_57/Mainly off 23 months ago | reply

      No idea.. I know they like nuts.. & will take young from nest boxes.. but eating bees.. is a nwe one on me..

      Post it to BBC Spring-watch.. someone may know

    4. Elahe Dastgheib 23 months ago | reply

      great series, I see them somtimes in the wood eating insects on the trees,
      have a wonderful evening Cath

    5. blue angel66 23 months ago | reply

      lovely capture

    6. Blue sky and countryside 23 months ago | reply

      We were thinking about getting one of these boxes, but I'm not so sure now !

    7. BooRadBop 23 months ago | reply

      Wow, it had never occurred to me that woodpeckers would eat bees. I found this, which might be helpful:


    8. Terry Yarrow 23 months ago | reply

      Wo, great shot. We get green woodpeckers but not greater spotted. I've often thought about putting up a bug box.

    9. SF knitter 22 months ago | reply

      Interesting behavior!

    10. Atrista 22 months ago | reply

      Wonderful ... and this is life.

    11. Hardy Marcks von Würtemberg 22 months ago | reply

      Insects is what they are pecking for, isn't it? Beautiful bird, by the way.

    12. dawn.v 22 months ago | reply

      we also have green woodpeckers here!!

    13. anoni_moose 22 months ago | reply

      Not 2 paned to look at, still quite clear. It seems you've proved an instant adaptation for this species. I suspect a hungry brood is the is the invention mechanism of this mother(?)...

    14. Ken Came 22 months ago | reply

      very interesting, a beautiful bird though!

    15. Andrew Cooper- Winner Announced! 22 months ago | reply

      Interesting! Great captures Cath.

    16. Birder23 22 months ago | reply

      Yes I'm concerned about the decline of honeybees in my area (Finger Lakes, NY). I would think twice about using this kind for holding bees. These woodpeckers are smart; I love them!! hmmmm

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