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I tell him "Real". | by catherine-emily
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I tell him "Real".

I've had my ups and downs these last few weeks, but I'm getting back on top of things. I'm finally catching up with work - I estimate I have about 1400 pages left before I've caught up with all the fiction reading for my modules. Let's not look too closely at my non-fiction work.


I went to see The Hunger Games!! Not as good as the books, but very good anyway. My housemate, Alisha, went to see the movie before me, & I sent her long facebook messages talking about how much I love THG & that she absolutely had to read the books. She's read the first two, and is taking a break to do some revision. I'll be so pleased when she's read them so that I can talk about the series as a whole!


I still get sad at night. Sometimes I just feel sad, and then sometimes I'm sobbing. But I'm good during the day - lots of work to keep me occupied!


I had some bad news about my neck and shoulders - basically, the damage is done & I can only slow it or possibly stop it. Not going to reverse. So that's annoying. I was upset about it for a few days, but I keep working on them, so hopefully I won't make them any worse!


I keep getting super fangirly about THG. I'll calm down when I have to start working properly again, but for now I keep getting all fluttery. I actually had a nose bleed in the car on the way to the cinema! I've been super susceptible to nose bleeds all my life - a doctor told me he could cauterise it or something (it was years ago, and I don't remember it that well) but that it wouldn't necessarily stop them. So I'm used to them. I knew I was due one, as I'd had a teeny tiny one a few days before. I was so excited and anxious that the film wouldn't be awful that I could feel myself getting all fluttery and airy - like I used to do before I had a panic attack. Then, suddenly, my nose started bleeding. We had zero tissues in the car - my Dad has no ensure we have a stack of them - and I was gagging on all the blood. We were a few mins from the car park, & I didn't want any blood on my clothes, so I just caught the blood in my hand & tipped my head back. It was so gross. When we parked, I literally leapt out of the car and spat blood everywhere. My Dad had to let me use his Liverpool football hat to clean my face with, as we literally had nothing else. It sounds awful, but it's actually kind of funny - both at the time, and now. So yeah. I am an utter nerd.


My brother skyped us at midnight on Thursday night to show us the sun rising over the Ganges. That was pretty cool. & he skyped earlier in the day & we saw people washing in the river, and bison wandering about.


Oh - more THG stuff. I got my Dad to read the books (he thought they were great) AND my brother. My Dad and I read the same type of stuff, and my brother reads the same stuff as me, but on a much smaller scale. He barely reads a book. Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett, the Game of Thrones series, and that's about it. However, with THG, he got the first book & read it in one day. It's the first book he's ever done that with. While he & James were playing chess, seeing as they took about a minute per move, Hugh would read. Then, even after James had gone to bed, Hugh went into another room so he could keep reading it. I am so thrilled! We sent him the second and third book to read, but he hasn't got the parcel yet. I'm really glad he likes the series - I like all the other stuff he reads, but he rarely ever reads anything that I get all fangirly about. Maybe the HP series, but the internet wasn't around for all of that to help me be fangirly, so I don't think I was on quite the same level of fandom as I am for THG.


Anyway, I have to be up super early in the morning, so I better stop writing. This post has mostly been about THG, but hey, it's awesome. && I needed to post again, otherwise I would just remain upset. I'm taking steps - small though they may be - to get back into things.


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Taken on April 5, 2012