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314/366--Investigation of Occupied Forest Illumination

Spending the nights light painting in the forest is always on the top of my list. Its always so calming at night and its for sure one of my favorite things to do. Just talking hikes in the woods is always a great way to spend the day and when its at night its even more intriguing to me. Its like a pass time to me, some people like to go fishing or play sports i like to light paint in the forest. So tonight i packed up all my gear (tats the hard part is carring all my stands and light tools out there to the location and tonight i also brought along Tylo(our dog) He was just chilling out as i was light painting, hes always a fan of any kind of mission and its good to have some company (and an ally for warning me if a bear is coming) Im for real --this is bear country from what ive heard from a few people i met in the trail one day. So after some exploring and a few random trails this is wear me and tylo ended up hanging out for the next 45 minutes or so. Thats the thing about light painting its always a process and a build up of the photo, mapping out ideas and testing lights and and adjusting the composition adding more light and just building the scene up, after a bit of time this was what the final photo of the day was for my night adventure ---Trail Blazing the night away .



Sb-800 1/2 power gelled yellow (zoomed 105 aimed at me and fired via nikon cls at the start of the exposure. After the flash went off i lit the spotlight that im holding for one second, then i lit up each side of the forest one side blue and the other side pink after that i did the purple flakes floating in the air on the ground and for the last part i did all the sparks down the trail

126 seconds

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Taken on November 9, 2012