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126/366-- Ice Cubes

Everyday kinda objects are the saving grace of ideas for this 366 mission and ive never yet out of both years shot ice cubes yet,so thats what i put on the agenda for photo of the day. So i brainstormed a few ideas and knew that 2 things before i started this photo, i wanted some backlight and i wanted to light paint in some color with the image. So i took out the ice cubes and did my light testing for my flash first and the set up this composition by stacking the ice cubes. Now what i didnt think of before i took this photo was that of course the ice cubes will start melting and that they would fall down from the pyramid shape i built, so that ment i kinda had to work fast and get this shot going before everything was gonna crumble. So now was the harder part i had the background setup(a red piece of paper) and to light that i wanted to use my flashlight aimed behind the top 3 cubes, so i had to find a balance between my flash firing then letting my shutter stay open to let the flashlight light burn into the background(cause my flashlight is not as bright as the flash so it takes a longer shutter to compensate for that and as well i needed that extra time to light up the front of the counter with a blue flashlight, and all this needed to happen at 1/10 of a second ---which seems fast but is way super longer then 1/250th of a second (thats like going to the moon and back) so with my shutter opened for just that shot amount of time the 1/10th of a second it let enough light burn in from the flashlight lighting up the back ground and as well a second flashlight coming in from the right side and then i had a blue colored light in my hand and aimed it just at the right angel to light up the foreground and the flash lit the ice cubes. I was glad to see this on the back of my camera after all that setup and i took a photo of the setup and i swear 2 seconds after i snapped that setup photo the cubes tumbled down in the pile of melted water.


Specs and Strobist

Sb-800 1/128th camera back left aimed at ice cubes (diy snoot)

Garrision 140lumes flashlight camera right aimed at red background

Noma 60lumes flashlight camera back right aimed at cubes

Blue light in my hand to light the front of the counter

Shutter 1/10th of a second


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Taken on May 5, 2012