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Oct 14th--287/365--The Explosion Of Dance with Kloe Schultz | by Catch-light
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Oct 14th--287/365--The Explosion Of Dance with Kloe Schultz

this week i so excited to be shooting some photos with Kloe Schultz from "So You Think You Can Dance Canada" --Kloe's an amazing dancer and she made it on the show this year --kloe did so great and everyone was so proud of her! she deserves everything thats coming her way!--


---during the summer we had tried to set up a photo shoot but always had conflicting schedules and had to postpone a couple times -but when Kloe wrote me last week and she was back home i was super stoked to work with her..------so we met up at around 7 and headed down to the beach --the sun had just gone down and it was getting cold out but kloe was a trooper and up for anything --we did a bunch of wicked jump shots and with her feet so cold i had one last idea and the one i was looking forward to the most ---a dramatic jump with flour throw ---ive had this shot in my head for almost 5 months and to finally be able to capture it was so great ---kloe was so so fun to work with and it was just awesome to see her jump --we got some really cool photos i really had such a great time and were gonna set up another shoot for next summer when i get back ----in the end i went with this photo for the day -just the overall feel of that explosion of her jump --like how shes about to take off into flight was just what i had in mind --high5* to Kloe she really nailed this shot and it was so great working with her --even in the cold she was saying --" k one more"---thanks so much Kloe and i really had a blast working with you i wish her all the best in her future and cant wait till nest summer to work with her again ----


specs--sb-800 back left bare at 1/16th power fired via nikons cls


heres a link to check out Kloe dance --

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Taken on October 14, 2010