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Find The Girl

I have been tagged so many times... I should give you guys a few facts. I will tag a lot of people just because I don't want to do the rest of my pictures with 10 things about me, so it's all done with this one. You can un-tag yourself if you want to, of course.


The facts will be related to the stop motion.


So here it goes:


1) This stop motion was made from a song of mine (Find The Girl, it's the song of the movie), and I've done it to be in a photograph/movies competition/contest, here where I live.


2) If I win the contest, I win an exhibit and a plain ticket, so I really want to be the best one


3) This is a two chords song, the most simple from my 4 songs, but I kind of like it


4) I am a right-handed in everything, but I play guitar and eat as a left-handed


5) I can't play with a pick: I use my fingers


6) It took me 2 hours to shoot and 7 hours to put it together, so it's a whole day of work


7) The model is also named Catarina, she is my classmate.


8) I have learned a lot of the things in this movie here, in Flickr, such as Bokeh, DOF, focus techniques and the stop motion itself (I didn't knew it before)


9) I don't love this as much as I should. I find it a bit cliché. I am posting it anyway because of the long hours of hard work it took me.


10) I am so sorry if I am a lausy singer or guitar player.


I have a bit of sulist american accent in some parts of the song because I was watching a movie about Elvis before I record this, so I started to talk like him. When I speak englsih, I usually have a british thing going on...


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Uploaded on April 18, 2010