The Circle of Lebanon

See where this picture was taken. [?]

  • John Martine 8y

    Nice shot.
  • Richardr 8y

    The cemetery in its original form (the older, Western part) was opened in 1839, part of an initiative to provide seven large, modern cemeteries (known as the "Magnificent Seven") in a ring round the outside of London. The inner-city cemeteries, mostly the graveyards attached to individual churches, had long been unable to cope with the number of burials and were seen as a hazard to health and an undignified way to treat the dead. The initial design was by architect and entrepreneur Stephen Geary. He designed King's Cross, but is best known as the original architect for Highgate Cemetery, where he designed the Egyptian Revival and Gothic revival catacombs, among other works. He published Designs for Tombs and Cenotaphs (1840) in which he was credited with the founding of other cemeteries in the London area. He is also supposed to have designed the first gin-palace in London

    Highgate Mausoleum

    Highgate, like the others, soon became a fashionable place for burials and was much admired and visited. The Victorian attitude to death and its presentation led to the creation of a wealth of Gothic tombs and buildings. It occupies a spectacular south-facing hillside site slightly downhill from the top of the hill of Highgate itself, next to Waterlow Park, both of which were part of the former Dartmouth Park which covered the area.

    Highgate Egyptian Avenue

    The cemetery's grounds are full of old-growth trees, shrubbery and wildflowers that are a haven for birds and small animals like foxes. The Egyptian Avenue and the Circle of Lebanon (topped by a huge Cedar of Lebanon) feature tombs, vaults and winding paths dug into hillsides.

    Highgate Tomb

    The novelist Radclyffe Hall is interred here.
  • Barb Hale 8y

    Looks like a very interesting and beautiful place. Great photos.
  • Richardr 8y

    Yes, I think Highgate is a very special place indeed. A little like discovering Angkor Wat in North London! Thanks.
  • spectrefloat 8y

    Love the doorways and curvature nice shot .123H
  • Richardr 8y

    Thanks. It does look almost like a Victorian parody of Georgian crescents, where all the buildings would be ordered in a neat curve or circle.
  • InvictusStanza 8y

    I really like the Victorian 'noble ruin' atmosphere that your photo's of Highgate have.. In fact I've made a note to try and visit Highgate.. not sure when I'll get there though.
  • Richardr 8y

    Thanks. Highgate is privately run so it doesn't qualify for lottery funding, merely funding from English Heritage and tour charges. The result is that it is somewhat dilapidated, though this does rather add to the place. It is well worth visiting, I'd say.
  • Baron von Beerfest 8y

    Beautiful capture!
  • Richardr 8y

  • Guido Jan 8y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called architecture shadowed, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
  • Richardr 8y

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