• Richardr 8y

    Yes, I can recommend Arnold too. You could also try Underground London: Travels Beneath the City Streets by Stephen Smith. It's a broader survey but it does cover cemeteries along with the underground, crypts, the sewer system and so on.
  • Schumata 8y

    this is one of the most fascinating pictures i have ever seen
  • Richardr 8y

    Many thanks. It is indeed a fascinating place.
  • Marty Myers 7y

    Very interesting story indeed.
  • Richardr 7y

  • Heather 7y

  • Richardr 7y

    Glad you like it.
  • paperwhite 7y

    A strange and beautiful image, perfect quote and memorable information. I shall read the second link again more thoroughly on another day, but having just finished Jonathan Bate's biography of John Clare the following sentence struck me as particularly poignant:

    "Speaking on behalf of the Rector of St. Giles' in support of the proposed acquisition by the Midland Railway Company of the burial ground belonging to that parish, [Mr Frere] said: - "To my certain knowledge a very large proportion of those buried there were paupers."
  • Richardr 7y

    Yes, including JC Bach.
  • JR P 7y

    Great picture and wonderful information as always!
  • Richardr 7y

  • paperwhite 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Literary Britain and Ireland, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    I keep thinking about this posting - Hardy is one of my favourite writers. Even though it was undoubtedly a more robust age than ours it must have been an appalling task, especially since he was only about 25 years old at that time. It's not surprising that he often comes across as having a rather bleak outlook on life.
  • Richardr 6y

    I never really saw Hardy's bleak as so exceptional - compare him to someone like Kleist, for instance.
  • seriykotik1970 6y

    I thought of your photo when I saw this view of the same place- probably taken in the 1950s or 60s-

  • Richardr 6y

    Gosh, yes. You forget how many photographers can have come before you...
  • Richardr 6y

  • phoenixesrose 6y

    sad, and yet beautiful how the tree holds them together - as if to say life emerges from death, renewed.
  • Richardr 6y

    Yes, indeed.
  • Heidi Donat 4y

    At first I thought this was perhaps the Jewish cemetery in Prague… fascinating history.
  • Richardr 4y

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