Dorfprozelten am Main
The little town of Dorfprozelten am Main is the home of my ancestor, Georg Kunkel who came to Australia circa 1855. A small group of fellow emigrants from this village emigrated to help begin the wine industry in Australia though in reality they mostly ended up working in remote locations in Queensland or New South Wales. I have a research interest in this group of emigrants and especially Kunkels or Ulrichs from this village. It is believed that my gg-grandfather's brother or half-brother went to the USA/Canada. G Veh has written excellent local histories for this town.

Names of interest are Günzer, Kaüflein (aka Kaufline), Hennig (aka Henny), Hock, Kunkel, Ulrich, Heuster, Kuhn, Nebauer, Neubeck, Zöller (aka Zeller, Sellers, Sellars), Umscheid, Wörner, Dümig (aka Demmick), Löhr, Bilz (aka Bils), Krebs, Kirchgessner, Lux

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