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Thomas' blanket

Made with Gedifra Fiorista colour-shaded yarn in about 3 different colourways on a 6"x6" Weavette hand-held loom.


I completely forgot from the last time how long it takes to make one of these (answer: A long time). This was started last summer; the baby for whom it was made was born in October; the blanket was February. It was a bit of a re-learning curve, actually. It had been a long time since I made my last Weavette blanket, and also, for some reason, it never occurred to me that figuring out my tension would be an issue. Um, yes, well. So, for the record, cotton (or cotton blend with a tiny bit of polyester, as it is in this case) weaves completely differently from wool. It doesn't have the stretch or bounce, so you need to weave it much looser unless you want to get all sweary and bunched up at one end.


I love the colours in this. The colours change in the Fiorista yarn very, very gradually, which means you can get a completely green square followed by a green and purple tweedy one, followed by something in pale lime with a few strands of purple, all from the same ball of yarn. I had trouble with the layout, and kept trying for random scatterings of the colours over the blanket. Eventually, though, I realised that the colours in the squares were random enough in themselves, so I decided to go for something a little more regular, thus the diagonal lines.


Made for Thomas.


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Uploaded on March 10, 2010