Cody Dresser

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Yet another photo from the recent session Cody and I did, however, this is a film image, photographed with my RB67 Pro-S and 90 mm f/3.8 mounted on a Bogen 055X ProB tripod, using a 488 RC0 ballhead. We had been doing the portraits seen earlier in my stream, and I saw Cody moving a chair to another part of the room and decided to give up on saving the seamless we had brought in and use the chair as a prop. Cody did a variety of poses while on the chair, however the instant I saw this one, there was a tension present, a tension that pulled me in and made this one of my favorite portraits not only from that session, but also of all time (by me, at least). As far as lighitng, it was really a set up I hadn't used before, I was feathering a 22" BD on to Cody from camera left, having the dish aimed to go pretty much past him, and a 32" white reflector A-Clamped onto a lighstand to camera right, just out of frame next to Cody.

Film information:
Mamiya RB67 Pro-S
90 mm f/3.8 C
1/125 s
f/6.7 (I believe that is the half stop between f/5.6 and f/8)
Provia 100F at an EI of 100

AB800 to camera left, feathered on.
32" white reflector to camera right, next to Cody.

Dallas Editorial Photographer

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  1. -byron 52 months ago | reply

    what a wonderful portrait. amazing.

  2. R o s e n d o 51 months ago | reply

    Very good exposure. Lighting looks very natural and well balanced.

  3. Liz ϟ Meehan 48 months ago | reply

    i love his hands

  4. iamNigelMorris 48 months ago | reply

    This is in the recent issue of Popular Photography. Congrats!

  5. Evan Dell Photography 48 months ago | reply

    saw this in the mag today

  6. pitchtheview 47 months ago | reply

    I love how he only has one gauge <3

  7. Kevin 'KP' Porier 47 months ago | reply

    i saw this in popular photography and loved it. I just typed 'dallas' into the search engine and you popped up. amazing! great shot and beautiful lighting! thanks for sharing!!

  8. tarobaugnon 45 months ago | reply

    this is one of my favorite portraits I've seen, ever

  9. amy59421 43 months ago | reply

    such a cool style.
    love it.

  10. ShawnAgha 40 months ago | reply

    hey i want to make backgrounds look like this but i don't know how. i am a beginner noob. i have a light grey backdrop. what would i have to do or buy to make my backgrounds to look like this?

  11. ShawnAgha 40 months ago | reply

    Thunder gray?

  12. farrokhpacheco 40 months ago | reply


  13. marzitxu. 36 months ago | reply

    fascinating portrait, luv!

  14. =SugaHoneyIceTea= 16 months ago | reply

    Great shot.... MF film still beats digital ;)
    Once I can Im moving from a M645 to a RB67

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