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Gaia's Daughters I



Part 1 of a 3 part series.


We call the forest our home and live among pine beetles and shadowed caves. Gaia nurtured us through adolescence before setting us free to live in the wild. Untamed but natural we are waterfall goddesses. I have always been and am still your older sister. The rejuvenated river binds us together even when dusk threatens to separate you from me. Protecting you from rapids is an unsung responsibility, but you never understood. You climbed to tree tops to view blood orange cocktail sunsets and plunged into the depths of the sinkhole Earth. Now your face blends with the white specks that peek through moss-covered rocks. Your freckles are as soft as the soil beneath our feet. I grasp your arm, clinging to your body warmth, and try to keep you from floating down the braided stream.

- written by Sarah McCune, pictured left


Me and my three best friends, Alix, Sarah, and Adam, went to the river yesterday. It was very spur of the moment. When we got there, the road to the river was closed off so we had to park and walk way down to it.


We got there about six. It gets dark around eight. So we had to shoot with very, very, very limited light. We also had to walk/hike/run back up the river and longgg path in the pitch black night. We also saw a huge black snake that was scary as heck.


Anyways, a lot of my photos I took were extremely blurred because I had to shoot with a low shutter speed thanks to low light.


Thanks to my friend Adam for doing hair and dressing them!


Anyways, I am extremely pleased with how it turned out, and the processing is inspired by Karrah. I didn't realize she had inspired it until I had finished. It was subconscious. :)


Also, I love that you're able to see Alix's (right) tattoo. :)


P.S. These dresses are really curtains. :)


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Taken on August 24, 2011