Order Squamata: Scaled reptiles; Lizards, and Snakes). Order Crocodylia (American Alligator)

Some unusual characteristics of
• Can vocalize, unlike most lizards, using their voice to threaten, or for sexual attraction.
• Most have specialized toe pads that contain thousands of microscopic hooks. These hooks catch microscopic irregularities of surfaces and enable geckos to seem to defy gravity as they walk.
• Geckos have remarkable eyes. Their irises resemble their skin color, so that their open eyes do not give them away to predators. Their lower lid is fused over the eye to form a transparent spectacle for protection; they can use their long tongue to clean them!
• Scientists at UC Berkeley have developed an adhesive that has qualities of gecko feet—easy attachment and release while
having great holding strength. It won’t slip or slide, but will release if lifted. Such an adhesive may be useful when movement and attachment are both desired, such as for climbing, or for robots.

Chameleons: Remarks: Distinctive features of a chameleon lizard are its long tongue, its separately mobile eyes, its parrot-like feet and in many species, the ability to change colour.
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