3d pan white

the face in the smoke

It's kinda weird to finally get an image like how you originally wanted it, years after the fact. Granted, it's not perfect, how i fixed the fabric to my face could have been done better because it posed a lot of challenges editing wise, but it's a lot more like how i saw it being. I think i might reshoot this a bit differently sometime soon.


Anyways, in other news, i'm going to try making some videos, which will mostly be me talking about all the photo stuff i keep to myself normally. Taking videos of myself talking is weird though, so if anyone wants to ask any questions that i can answer in it so that i have more of a structure for the first one i'd appreciate it!


From 2006. Self portrait. Black craft paint [which, again, i don't recommend!] and tulle.

Canon 10d


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Taken on September 5, 2011