• Well done, I'm liking this a lot! - Empty Sandbox
  • The whole damage is fantastic, but this makes it for me. - Empty Sandbox
  • Rediculously epic, will steal :3 - Julandrius
  • this house is beautiful. - psiaki
  • Yeah...killin' it! - Amhakia
  • Superb job on the destruction here. This was your doing, correct? - MijeW
  • I love the destruction here! - Τristman
  • Eh to this :s - Τristman
  • Maybe a little bit of dried up underwater life/plant would go here. - C.J.Cutrone
  • Lovely. - vìnn
  • Love how the dark tan is recessed. Great detail and if it were the other way around it wouldn't work - Sikula Visual Solutions
  • Yep! ...the first time, at least. Forest did a ton of reconstruction on it after it got dinged up in transit.

Under The Saharan Sun

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NATO troops ride into a North African town at noon.

Collaborative display with Forest for BW12.

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  1. Panzy-boe 33 months ago | reply

    How did you divide the work? :p

  2. .Ravager 33 months ago | reply

    love the buildings

  3. "Synner" 33 months ago | reply

    If only I could build like this. :P

  4. Kwinti Solo 32 months ago | reply

    wow, this whole thing is just amazing!

  5. Ryclen 32 months ago | reply

    Depressingly beautiful.....D:

  6. adam1801ng 30 months ago | reply

    Wow! nice work.

  7. -Revenant- 29 months ago | reply

    That's A LOT of lego.

  8. Paul ♤ 28 months ago | reply

    Dayum this is shmexy.
    I love the damage and the boat-sinking-into-sand effect.

  9. Veeborg 28 months ago | reply

    WOw, nice! Such a lovely rendition of some kind of destroyed property!

  10. [Slick-Brick] 27 months ago | reply

    Absolutely outstanding! I love the details you've put into this.

  11. -iSphinx- 27 months ago | reply

    If you don't think this is awesome, you need awesome lessons.

  12. ZeeMasterBrick [deleted] 27 months ago | reply

    That impact on the wall, with the charred boat, is second to none broseph, really cool.

  13. ~LegoElite~ 26 months ago | reply

    Geez dude, this is gorgeous.

  14. [Carter] 26 months ago | reply

    Thanks! Can you tell me if you were linked here from somewhere? I've been getting a lot of hits today from facebook, but I can't backtrack it to the source.

  15. ~LegoElite~ 26 months ago | reply

    Why yes! Firestar Toys posted this link on their Face Book ;)

  16. Pillowpistol 26 months ago | reply

    So real, I can't see the lego's anymore!

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