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The Living Room, 2011, Carrie M. Becker

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Using 1/6th scale miniatures, some of which are handmade, I try to represent a more "current" view of Barbie's lifestyle.

From the Series, "Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse."


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  1. Hazeltalking 28 months ago | reply

    Oh my. Barbie is a hoarder! Gota get her watching the program so she will be encouraged to clean up ! LOL

  2. Evil Chicken 28 months ago | reply

    It only makes sense about the hoarding. I don't recall a Barbie, "Storage Unit Playset" and that woman has EVERYTHING!

  3. Tinyfrockshop.com - Resale Barbie Store 28 months ago | reply

    Absolutely phenomenal! Nice work! I can't stop looking at them! Are they going to be displayed in person at a gallery and if so, what city? Would love to see them in person! :)


  4. kemcmanus1 28 months ago | reply

    Ms. Becker, you have a future in set and production design!

  5. carriembecker 28 months ago | reply

    Thanks! Been there, done that, though- and now I do this!
    This series will be shown at Riney Fine Arts at Friends University in Wichita, KS in Sept. '12.

  6. VinVisible [deleted] 28 months ago | reply

    I thought that was Barbies home I saw on 'Hoarders' recently...she's such a slob!
    ;) LOL
    Awesome series!

  7. mrszog78 28 months ago | reply

    These are amazing!

  8. RicPizz 28 months ago | reply

    This is so amazing...I just sent out the link to your flickr set to my Fashion Doll Club.....they are gonna love this.....Thanks for what I know was a very hard set up!!!!!

  9. atseyes2010 28 months ago | reply

    Absolutely brilliant; superb model-making and set dressing (^_^)

  10. irene_joy 28 months ago | reply

    this is an incredible series!

  11. DearHelenHartman 28 months ago | reply

    Call Clean House. Barbie isn't a Hoarder, she's just having a little trouble letting go of her past - if you'd been a Dr, and Astronaut, served in all branches of the military, looked like that in a swimsuit?. Love the glimpse into Barbie today.

  12. astropuff [deleted] 28 months ago | reply

    I can't stop looking at each photo. I am floored. Awesome.

  13. DollyKnickers 28 months ago | reply

    Amazing and so true to life!!

  14. toomanypictures1 28 months ago | reply

    Just saw the whole series....absolutely amazing!

  15. Shillmans 28 months ago | reply

    I saw Hoaders for the first time yesterday and this is soooo funny and well done.

  16. monkeyjunkie 26 months ago | reply

    I would have a hard time believing these weren't real life photos if I didn't recognize the Rement pieces. Amazing work and attention to detail!

  17. Seriema4 23 months ago | reply

    Fantastic!!!! The pictures are so real! (No, I don´t know that from my room *lol*). ;-)

    The details are great...I love the "plate" on the left with the bird is cute...where is it from?

  18. Land of Dolls 22 months ago | reply

    I just can't begin to tell you how much I LOVE this!!! Very Imaginative!!!

  19. J. Nicholai 13 months ago | reply

    Considering all of the occupations and hobbies she has had over the last fifty years, I would be surprised if Barbie’s house did not look like this.

  20. Shillmans 12 months ago | reply

    You should check this out....

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