Stanley Marsh 3 Signs
Marsh 3 (Three not The Third) is Amarillo's favorite millionaire-philanthropist-prankster. Most Amarillo residents are familiar also with these creative road signs, placed around the city by his group of young artists called the Dynamite Museum. More than 5,000 quirky, diamond-shaped traffic-style signs decorate Amarillo and Adrian, Texas.

Marsh 3 has finished his artwork and is no longer offering the signs along with the $100 dollar donation he sent along with the installation of the signs. Some of the signs, sadly, are fading, vandalized, or have been taken down. "We don't know how many (signs) are left anyway," Marsh has stated. "People steal them. People paint them. There's a lot of forgeries, too."
Any of the signs that can be recovered are taken back to Toad Hall and are on display there in a surreal graveyard of whimsical signs.
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