ORL route 2 - Kleinkastell Pohl (fortlet)

The limes fortress Pohl is an authentic replica of the current state of research on small castle with a watchtower. Construction of the facility began in the fall of 2009, the opening ceremony took place in autumn 2011.

This reconstructed fort is designed as an open air museum and - nestled in a scenic area - right on the German Limes Road (B 260, Bäderstraße) between Wiesbaden and Bad Ems on the southeast beginning of Rhineland-Palatinate section of the Limes. The limes fortress Pohl offers itself as an exhibition, events and information center as well as a central starting point for many activities in the region.

The full reconstruction of the military installations is executed according to excavation findings of the kingdom Limeskommission site and as implementation of current research on the Limes architecture in other places of the Upper-Raetian Limes and further limit lines of the Roman Empire and by making use of literary, epigraphic and visual sources.

Source: www.limeskastell-pohl.de/new/index.php?option=com_content...
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