The DPW of Burning Man 2009 group photo

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I again had the honor of shooting the DPW group photo and the parade this year, and as before: what an incredible experience. This motley crew works their tails off for months laying out the roads, building the fences and Center Camp, operating heavy machinery and swinging hammers in the incredibly harsh conditions of the Black Rock Desert. Then, after the rest of us all leave, they stick around and clean up what we forgot to make sure the playa returns to its pristine condition (thus ensuring we can come back next year).

We owe them a big thank-you.

Please view full size -- click "All Sizes" and then "Original." (27 megapixels, made from 7 separate photographs stitched together in post-process).

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  1. mr. nightshade 67 months ago | reply

    You can view last year's photo here:

    The Burning Man 2008 DPW Crew

  2. AGrinberg 67 months ago | reply

    Very fine group shot!

  3. Adam E 67 months ago | reply

    To Chaos and the rest of DPW, you are stunning, amazing, exhausting and much loved. Congratulations on Evolution! Combine the dwarfs from Time Bandits with the Terminator, and we would have only the beginnings of DPW DNA.

  4. TallNeil 67 months ago | reply

    Thanks DPW!
    Awesome photo!

  5. erinthirteen 66 months ago | reply

    heh, really? I'm the ONLY one who flashed the camera this year? good thing I stood right in the middle.

  6. mr. nightshade 66 months ago | reply

    Mademoiselle --

    Your placement, actions and attitude were perfect.

  7. mr. nightshade 66 months ago | reply

    Thank you, sir.

  8. conory 65 months ago | reply

    How could it be 27 MP's if the a700 is only 12 ?

    Im guessing you upscaled it somehow ?


  9. mr. nightshade 65 months ago | reply

    Upscale? No no, that would lead to a major loss of quality. This image is made up of 7 individual shots (in "portrait" aspect ratio) fired off in quick succession and stitched back together after the fact.

    I can't believe I forgot to mention that in the description. I'll add it now.

  10. the awful din 63 months ago | reply

    This is an awesome photo, Neil! Excellent job with the composite too. Even looking at the full size, I didn't notice the stitching until I went looking for it. The few (barely) visible seams, all but disappear in the richness and life of the photo.

  11. hahuerta 57 months ago | reply

    What does that mean? flipping the middle finger to the camera...I understand a spontaneous reaction from the crowd or from one single person like the girl center to the top of the frame pulling her top off...but flipping the middle finger was planned..You are suppose to be documenting this event as a photojournalist...disappointing to say hte least.

  12. mr. nightshade 57 months ago | reply

    Hahuerta: Get over yourself. I'm not a photojournalist, I'm an artist: and the story I choose to tell is my own. These people are my friends, and they love this photo. Your "insight" into the situation is appallingly shallow. Planned? Hardly. I had all of 30 seconds to pull off this photo.

    And frankly? Group shots are never candid. There's no way you can say "hey everyone stand over here ok one two three" and have it be "natural." And, for the DPW, nothing's more natural than flippin' the bird.

    So, in their words, fuck your day.

  13. loudpixels 57 months ago | reply

    Best group shot ever! And they all look offensively cool without exception! :)

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