Pre-Exodus, Burning Man 2008

"How do you protect your camera?!" When I hear this, I assume you haven't taken any photos at Burning Man.


The safety of your gear and the amount/quality of photos are inversely proportional. I know which is more important to me, and prioritize accordingly. You can get a new camera, but not those photos again.



Photo by Martin Smith, friend and Blight crew member.


See my post-burn report at


PS: this is my personal gear, not paid for nor provided by any organization (other than The Blight, and that's me.)

  • scottlondon 6y

    Hats off to you, Mr. Nightshade. I agree with (and can attest to) every word you've said in this long thread.
  • Shane Gooseman 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Geheimsache EXPLORE, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Shane Gooseman 6y

    Autsch ;-)
  • Neil Girling 6y

    Thank you very kindly, good sir Scott. Will you be on-playa this year? I greatly look forward to your unique -- and stellar -- images, as I have every year that I've gone (plus-one).
  • topfloor PRO 6y

    What a cool shot of a beaten camera :-)
  • jessytimko 6y

    Okay I didn't read all the comments. But am I the only one that's gonna point out that the shot itself is kinda sexy? :) Something about a man that'll get dirty for the shot ;)
  • Nick R 6y


    The Comments on this thread are awesome!
  • skinner08 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called photos of photographers in action, and we'd love to have this great photo added to the group!
  • .AF648 6y

    wow, unbelievable
  • Neil Girling 6y

    If any of you fine folk would like to see what my camera looked like after the burn this year (hint: much worse) you can see it here:

    What my camera looked like after this year's Burning Man.

  • Aristotle Liu 6y

    Amazing. That's what I like to see. A camera being used in action!!
  • Carlos Lopez PRO 5y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called digital eye: people taking photos, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • -PHZY- 5y

    for dust i think a700 is ok, don't it still ok with water
  • Jake Albano 5y

    leo Pan☻☆ With regular water (i.e. not salt water), it does fine. I wouldn't recommend submerging it in water, because that almost always ruins any electronics. As far as the camera getting wet- I have shot in really wet conditions multiple times for extended periods (3 hours+), for various events. Since I cover fires for, I have to go out in rain/bad weather. One time, I was hit with a fire hose as they shot it out the window that I was taking pictures of. I wiped it off, and kept going.

    These things don't need to be babied (especially if you have the 4 year, no questions asked, whether you broke it or it broke by itself, warranty!)
  • PeacockDesigns 3y

    Ziplock freezer bags,, serious camera saVers.
  • ~~AragornPrime~~ PRO 3y

    wonderful discussion
  • Kevin -Flushing Michigan 3y

    The Sony A77 w/ Sony 16-50 f/2.8 and the HV-F43AM flash would be a killer combo for burning man this year you could just dump water on it to rinse it off even on the flash head :D I am still using my A700 "I did buy the A77 " The old A700 I love the abuse it has taken and still produces top quality images it never looked as dusty as yours though :D
  • Mart Bee 3y

    Very nice !
  • MyPicturesRestored Bedford UK PRO 2y

    Awesome! I took my Alpha 77 to the South of Chile recently and it was very dusty + we got to a glaciar area, pretty extreme UV etc. Apart from brief zoom lens 'lock' the Sony did wonderfully. ACE cameras, always loved 'em since Cybershot 2.1 megapixel 1998!!!
  • Dianka Pavlova 1y

    Este Sony si que ha lo mejor
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