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Not mine, I was only there to support them.

I've been thinking about Graduation. It's like all those other generic, like when you turn double digits, when you get you turn 16, when you get your first car, when you get your first job.

But i find graduation scary.

You are leaving all you have known for the last 12 years and you are beginning something completely new. For people such as myself, I am astounded when it comes to choosing a university.

I'm used to change. Most international students are- I would guess. Moving can give you a different perspective, but I think you think a bit differently. For me, I move with my parents until I get to university; I've never had to think about school prices, living completely on my own (although i would love to because I'm an independent person), and starting over in a new place completely unaware of anything else. When you move, you have a family to go with you. If you go to university somewhere else you have a place to go back to. If you go to university when your family is moving the same year (as mine are), where will I call home? It can't be where my family is because I would have never lived there. It can't be the location of the university- at least not for a while, especially if I want to change.

I'm just thinking about the future a lot. I'm thinking about my IB courses; and I've mostly decided to move down to math studies. I'm not bad at math, it's my lowest grade but that's a 91%, but in the field I want to excel at in the future (humanities), math is not really needed. And also, Math and I aren't the greatest of friends sometimes so I'm all right with ditching it.

Mum and I have been looking at universities lately. In the summer I'm going to look in Perth, and then the US after, maybe other places too. I don't know yet, we'll see. I don't know where I'm going right now- or which direction I'll take.

But I have until graduation to tell.


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  1. Carnie Lewis 54 months ago | reply

    i think this is the best editing i've ever done in photoshop. ever. you can hardly notice :)

  2. hansika.jethnani 54 months ago | reply

    oh wow i spot the differenceee! haha :) great editing indeed! goodluck with IB next year! i'm half way done with it.. :)

  3. TAY L OR [deleted] 54 months ago | reply

    beautiful capture :)

  4. ariane❊chan 54 months ago | reply

    hahahaha good job editing!
    i liiikee thiiiisss

  5. ℑennifer⎈ƴeung [deleted] 54 months ago | reply

    dude i thought the second picture was supposed to be like
    "haha this is another picture that i took half a second after.. spot a the difference!!"

    then i was like oh ahha this is so easy! bexy just bent down on the first one that you uploaded!

    then... i realized you edited it, you cloned her out and i was like
    goes back to the second picture
    goes back to the first one
    goes back the the second picture
    went back to the first one
    went back to the second ones
    ... okay it took a while
    and now,
    i'm impressed ;)
    this is good :D

  6. ℑennifer⎈ƴeung [deleted] 54 months ago | reply

    oh btw, i still can't tell how you did it.

  7. ℑennifer⎈ƴeung [deleted] 54 months ago | reply

    LOVE. YOU.
    <3 bye!

  8. Choeun 54 months ago | reply

    beautiful capture ;))

  9. Jake Ryan Photography ✈ 54 months ago | reply

    congratulations! this is amazing!

  10. L. Drew 54 months ago | reply

    Found the difference hehe. nice editing!!

  11. heyitsstef 54 months ago | reply

    Oh Carnie, you've captured this moment so well. :)
    Graduation's such a bittersweet thing. It makes me have butterflies! D;

  12. Travis Lawton 53 months ago | reply

    Cool moment to capture.

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