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an homage to a lovely girl:


darling dear,

never in 1,000 years would i have ever thought that you'd become one of my dearest, closest confidantes. understand, though, that this is perhaps the greatest, most comforting surprise that i've ever received. in all sincere honesty, i always thought that you far exceeded me in the realm of utter awesomeness, so when our friendship flourished from me creepily taking backstage photos of you during the sound of music to us now being kindred spirits that can sit on the beach, or in starbuck's, or in a graveyard (ha!), part of me realizes just how lucky i am to have you in my life.


you have never faltered in supporting me & my talents. honestly, tay, if every person in the world was as amazingly supportive & insightful as you are about chasing their dreams & making something of themselves, the world would be a much happier, fulfilled place. your straight-driven, direct sarcasm, however, makes what you say real. your sentiments don't come tied up in a neat little gingham package, suggesting that you tell this to everyone & try to appease everyone around you. rather, it's raw, from the heart. and for this, i am eternally grateful. your small notes of appreciation, your random texts of encouragement, and our hours-upon-hours of rambling conversation have given me insight into myself & my life path more than any other person has offered.


let it be known, though, that you are one of the most talented people i know. i'm not just saying it to say it, either--i have zero reservations that whatever you put your mind to, you can accomplish. i am so excited to see where your life takes you & your epic jewelry collection. there are so many situations i can see your flourishing in--setting up shop in new york city in a tiny but beautiful apartment; writing by the cerulean sea somewhere, toes dug in the sand, your tanlines making me more jealous than i've ever been in my entire life; strolling through a barcelona street, absentmindedly listening to bob dylan or leonard cohen, or johnny flynn, clad so nonchalantly cool in a leather jacket. your passions & talents are so applicable to so many situations, and i know, for a fact, that you will utilize them to benefit yourself to the fullest extent.


so, my beautiful friend, go out there & live your life. walk wherever you please, write whatever strikes you as important, kiss whomever your heart desires, & never, ever stop being yourself. i know you won't, but i just want to make sure--i'd hate to see a soul like yours go to waste.




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Taken on August 12, 2009