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#bikeboom pic negates almost every wonky stereotype about people who ride bikes in London

27 folks on bikes: some in helmets, most not; some in hi-vis, most not; some on fixies, most not. None on the pavement, none going through the red light. Two 'cycle chic' women; otherwise mostly men, but not one in Lycra. A pair of sandals but not worn by the only hippie. Perhaps oddly there's not one folding bike to be seen, and no Boris bikes either. (And why is cycling so white?)


Most of these folks are probably going to and from work so it's safe to assume they're tax payers and rate payers. That means they pay for roads just the same as motorists pay for roads because all roads are paid for by tax payers and rate payers.


Check out the Advanced Stop Line box: in that space you could fit two cars. Look at how many bikes fit in the same space!


Planners and politicians need to look at this pic and work out just what kind of transport infrastructure is going to be needed in the next 50 years. Private cars and thundering HGVs have no place in cities!




Shot taken at 6pm, leaning out of a pub window on Theobalds Rd, London, by TOBY JACOBS.


I've now been pointed to a hi-res version of roughly the same pic:


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Taken on September 10, 2012