#bikeboom pic negates almost every wonky stereotype about people who ride bikes in London

27 folks on bikes: some in helmets, most not; some in hi-vis, most not; some on fixies, most not. None on the pavement, none going through the red light. Two 'cycle chic' women; otherwise mostly men, but not one in Lycra. A pair of sandals but not worn by the only hippie. Perhaps oddly there's not one folding bike to be seen, and no Boris bikes either. (And why is cycling so white?)


Most of these folks are probably going to and from work so it's safe to assume they're tax payers and rate payers. That means they pay for roads just the same as motorists pay for roads because all roads are paid for by tax payers and rate payers. ipayroadtax.com/no-such-thing-as-road-tax/who-pays-road-tax/


Check out the Advanced Stop Line box: in that space you could fit two cars. Look at how many bikes fit in the same space! www.bikehub.co.uk/news/sustainability/iconic-waste-of-spa...


Planners and politicians need to look at this pic and work out just what kind of transport infrastructure is going to be needed in the next 50 years. Private cars and thundering HGVs have no place in cities! www.roadswerenotbuiltforcars.com




Shot taken at 6pm, leaning out of a pub window on Theobalds Rd, London, by TOBY JACOBS.


I've now been pointed to a hi-res version of roughly the same pic:




As seen on londonneur.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/cycle-plan-20121.pdf

  • Delores William 3y

    Hate being told to wear a hat, I'm 52 been cycling for years if people want to give advice it should be. Stop at red lights like everyone else.
  • Tim Beadle 3y

    Ride safe: don't risk compensate by placing styrofoam on your head and attribute it with magical powers that it doesn't possess.
  • molgrips 3y

    Is it ok to wear styrofoam on your head and think it just offers a bit of extra protection without magic?
  • Christine and David 3y

    interestingly i was surprised to see similarly sized group of cyclists this morning waiting at the lights at the north end of waterloo bridge, virtually all wearing helmets. And a few went through the red light (which obviously this pic wouldn't show, as they'd already be out of shot..)
  • Philip Genochio 3y

    i used to take the view that the wearing of helmets shouldn't be compulsory. but then i moved to Melbourne - where helmets are compulsory - and was in an accident where my head took a not inconsiderable knock.

    i can recommend it for changing your views.
  • mattoid 3y

    genochio; you don't need helmets to be compulsory in order to choose to wear one yourself.
  • Molecule Man 3y

    If you look at the Barnet CC pic, there's a folding bike at the back!
  • (Michael) Who's photo? 3y

    Great, I love this the cars have to wait behind the bikes... Helmets, I always wear mine, why not, pro cyclist do, your choice.
  • Viticella 3y

    Pro cyclists don't have a choice, they are compelled to by the governing bodies.
  • B C Cletts 3y

    The 4-6 people in the BMW/Taxi/Motorbike seem to be taking up roughly the same amount of road space, and not enjoying the option (obvious from the picture) of actually talking to the others around them (as some of the cyclists clearly are having conversations) - so being generous that's a ratio of 27:6 or 4.5:1 or 350% more 'traffic' moved through London on the same road space.

    Surely its a lot cheaper and quicker to put people on to bikes (almost instant delivery and low incremental costs) than have the cost and long wait for building more road space?

    I've noticed over the past year on trips to London that the first 5-15 seconds of traffic moving off from a busy light controlled junction is predominantly cycles, almost a solid moving plug that then spreads out as the faster and slower riders settle down.

    Anyone else noticed this?
  • Nigel Heffernan 3y

    "And why is cycling so white?"

    Are you *absolutely* sure that the Metropolitan Police will vigorously investigate all and any reports of deaths and injuries to cyclists?

    I'm not, and I"m as white and middle class as it is possible to be.

    A black or asian person might not be so sure, either. They might even conclude that they are effectively beneath the law - few of them bother reporting racial assaults to the Police, and there"s a reason for that - and that they can be hit, maimed, or killed with impunity by the next white van full of australopithecine EDF supporters.
    Or, indeed, by anyone. Albeit with some polite show of remorse from the attacker... Followed by a less polite display of indifference from the authorities.
  • rgarrym 3y

    A great photo - however, take Richmond Park, for example. With a prescribed speed limit of 20mph due to the incumbent wildlife, i.e. deer, take a guess at how many cars, travelling at the prescribed 20 mph, get passed by groups of cyclists? Answer: all of them.
    Clarkson's 'risk compensation' indicates, by extrapolation, the removal of the car and it's inherent danger would result in more carefree and dangerous cyclists. I do drive, and I do cycle. The road is a food chain. Remove the top predator and ...
    How many cyclists do you know who have taken cycling proficiency tests? Have insurance?
    How many of you drivers have driven past the Priory, and wondered when the cyclists will actually use the perfectly good cycle lane instead of holding up the traffic? Ok, the path ain't great but ...
  • bristoltrailsgroup 3y

    rgayrrym, cyclists aren't "carefree" or "dangerous". They're a human on a bike, usually travelling at a speed not much higher than a runner. If they hit someone, they get hurt. Your analogy of predator and prey is absurd. As for that cycle lane, I've used it, and it's crap. Separate cycle infrastructure is the answer to a lot of the UK's problems, but not in its current form.
  • Heribert Pohl > 3 million Views, Thanks 3y

    More than 9000 Klicks for this Picture? For me perfect fake!
  • kopaonik1 3y

  • Wheeled Pedestrian 3y

    From looking at this photo you would be forgiven for thinking that cycling was booming in London. You will not find a similar situatin in Auckland, unfortunately.
  • Rumbo181 3y

    I think that this picture is technically very correct.
  • Boult 3y

    Awesome! Hope to see UK change direction and build a better bike infrastructure!
  • Carlton Reid 3y

    If this is what we get when we have crap infrastructure just imagine the numbers of cyclists there would be if there was good infrastructure.
  • Lets See! 3y

    I love the diversity in the pic....

    Some times I'm the pedestrian folder bike, cycle lane, 1 mile commuter; and other days I'm the lycra clad, 28mph, team issue carbon framed, 45 miles on the road - road cyclist. ..and there lies the confusion.

    What is a cyclist, what are their needs, riding styles and interaction with other road users?

    Cycle lanes - my goodness me! Are they the answer? Not yet! There are big blue ones on the north embankment passing Vauxhall bridge: These are great! There are others with puncture inflicting debris, lamp posts, road signage, bus shelters, etc... which are not only useless, but in many instances, down right dangerous.

    I pay road tax for 3 vehicles which sit on my driveway. I gain no government compensation, or rebate, or incentive for not using them, for not polluting, and for not congesting central London daily. That is 'my' grip, my bug bear - surely 200 miles plus commuting per week into central London, should be recognised, if I'm being taxed for vehicles that rarely move. Road tolls for me would be more beneficial - more just.

    My employer refuses to offer a Cycle to work scheme. So me, a genuine cycle commuter cannot benefit from a fantastic benefit! Ridiculous - the Government should make the offer compulsory.

    I ride bike, motorbikes, and drive a car and a lwb camper: I see the road differently than others. Ignorance, and not cycle paths, bikes, cars, etc are what make using a bike dangerous.

    We should have two 'bike' friendly changes in the UK - 1. Driving tests that incorporate others view points - that's for all tests, and an easy fix. Reducing ignorance and danger! 2. A major Cycle mentality change in Government. Infrastructure is the name of the game! Be all and end all!

    I leave with one last observation - Even when I do manage to arrive in the centre of London, in city rush hour traffic, against all odd's some may say - where do I park/store my steed? £90 or £9000 - I need parking - Bike parking - Secure Bike Parking!
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Taken on September 10, 2012
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