Ennie Awards 2013 (Gen Con--13th Year)
Best Adventure
•Achtung! Cthulhu - Three Kings (Chronicle City/Modiphius Entertainment) *Silver Winner*
•Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition (Paizo Publishing) *Gold Winner*

Best Aid/Accessory
•Night’s Watch (Green Ronin) *Gold Winner*
•The Unspeakable Oath (Arc Dream Publishing) *Silver Winner*

Best Art, Cover
•Iron Kingdoms (Privateer Press) *Gold Winner*
•NPC Codex (Paizo Publishing) *Silver Winner*

Best Art, Interior
•Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten Realms (Wizards of the Coast) *Silver Winner*
•Shadows of Esteren Book 1 (Agate Editions) *Gold Winner*

Best Blog
•Gnome Stew*Gold Winner*
•The Illuminerdy *Silver Winner*

Best Cartography
•The Lands of Ice and Fire (Random House) *Gold Winner*
•Sprawl Sites: High Society and Low Life (Catalyst Game Labs) *Silver Winner*

Best Electronic Book
•Deadlands Reloaded: The Last Sons (Pinnacle Entertainment) *Gold Winner*
•Hobomancer (Hex Games) *Silver Winner*

Best Family Game
•Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space—11th Doctor Edition (Cubicle 7) *Gold Winner*
•Hero Kids—Fantasy RPG (Hero Forge Games) *Silver Winner*

Best Free Game
•Mazes and Perils RPG (WG Productions) *Gold Winner*
•Silent Memories (Morning Skye Studio) *Silver Winner*

Best Free Product
•Battletech: A Time of War Quick-Start Rules/Shadowrun Quick-Start Rules (Catalyst Game Labs) *Silver Winner*
•Wayfinder #8 (Paizo Fans United) *Gold Winner*

Best Game
•Iron Kingdoms (Privateer Press) *Gold Winner*
•Night’s Black Agents (Pelgrane Press) *Silver Winner*

Best Miniature
•Pathfinder Battles: Shattered Star Gargantuan Blue Dragon (WizKid Games/NECA) *Silver Winner*
•Pathfinder Bestiary Box (Paizo Publishing)*Gold Winner*

Best Monster/Adversary
•Inner Sea Bestiary (Paizo Publishing) *Silver Winner*
•NPC Codex (Paizo Publishing) *Gold Winner*

Best Podcast
•Haste: The Official Obsidian Portal Podcast*Silver Winner*
•TableTop: Dragon Age *Gold Winner*

Best Production Values
•Iron Kingdoms (Privateer Press) *Silver Winner*
•Shadows of Esteren Book 1 (Agate Editions)*Gold Winner*

Best RPG Related Product
•Kobold Guide to Wordbuilding (Kobold Press)*Gold Winner*
•The Lands of Ice and Fire (Random House) *Silver Winner*

Best Rules
•Dungeon World (Sage Kobold Productions) *Gold Winner*
•Iron Kingdoms (Privateer Press) *Silver Winner*

Best Setting
•Magnimar: City of Monuments (Paizo Publishing)*Gold Winner*
•Mythic Iceland (BRP/Chaosium) *Silver Winner*

Best Software
•The Crawler’s Companion (Purple Sorcerer Games) *Silver Winner*
•Roll20 (The Orr Group, LLC) *Gold Winner*

Best Supplement
•Doctor Who: The Time Traveler's Companion (Cubicle 7) *Silver Winner*
•Shadowrun 2050 (Catalyst Game Labs) *Gold Winner*

Best Website
•The Escapist *Silver Winner*
•Gnome Stew*Gold Winner*

Best Writing
•Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding (Kobold Press) *Gold Winner*
•Night’s Black Agents (Pelgrane Press) *Silver Winner*

Product of the Year
•NPC Codex (Paizo Publishing) *Gold Winner*
•Shadows of Esteren Book 1 (Agate Editions)*Silver Winner*

Judges' Spotlight Winners
•Hooper - Leviathans (Catalyst Game Labs)
•Matthew Muth - School Daze (Sand & Steam Productions)
•Jakud Nowosad - Deniable Asset (Random Encounters)
•Megan Robertson - Killshot: Director’s Cut (Broken Ruler Games)
•Kurt Wiegel - Eldritch Skies (Battlefield Press, Inc.)
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