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Outpost at Lark Ridge

As the great kingdom of Crymandia slowly expanded south, away from it's snowy seat of power, it became apparent that to protect the settlers and keep a claim on the land it would be necessary to establish a system of outposts, forts, and watchtowers along the border with the Black Wastes and their marauding tribes. The regal lion head bust of Crymandia soared over the strong battlements and tall walls of these fortifications, scaring away the foreigners. For many years these structures, as well as the soldiers garrisoned within, kept Crymandia safe. Until..... he came.




Special thanks to AceBricks and Bricko for helping me and giving some superb advice! Castle building is pretty far from my standard Sci-fi fare, and without them this would have just been a grey wall on a plate. This was fun, but I think I'll be sticking to sci-fi for a while longer!


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Taken on April 9, 2012