Fred Talbot Weather Map

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    1. julian.. 95 months ago | reply

      Is that still there?
      Does he still do it?

    2. carldpatterson 95 months ago | reply

      Alas the map has long gone. This was taken back in 1990 when Fred Talbot used to do the weather on 'This Morning'. Rumour has it that he ended up in the water more than once whilst jumping over to Ireland. Can't have been pleasant.

    3. julian.. 95 months ago | reply

      I saw him fall in once.
      Also saw the streaker - that was funny.
      Didn't someone knit him a different jumper every morning?

    4. carldpatterson 95 months ago | reply

      The streaker clip is on YouTube.

      He can't have had a new jumper every morning. But I'm sure many viewers knitted them specially and sent them in.

    5. Sinister Rules 77 months ago | reply

      that's crazy... i remember being there! seems like so long ago! awesome photo! thanks for bringing back the memories!

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