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Epic "141" Freight Train in downtown West Palm Beach, FL - 10.11.14

At the time I didn't even notice the engine had a big ol' 141 on the side. ( <-- for those who don't know....that's my website. :D ) Only after I got home and rewatched the vid did I realize. Despite the fact that our trip to West Palm went off without a hitch I experienced "numbers" all day. If I hadn't then I would have considered this merely a coincidence. But in light of the other 141s I kept getting hit with....well, you know........ O.o The numbers don't seem to pertain to the trip so much as other stuff going on in my life. (namely, the job situation.....FLAGRANT interference all week long, with full on negative incident on Friday afternoon which has led me to have to cautiously navigate through deciding whether to leave or continue. So I'm pretty sure it pertains to that, since the numbers started Friday night following that incident, and continued all through today, due to the fact that things are still up in the air and I'm feeling quite negative about that whole deal.)


That aside, this train was LOUD! Crank the volume on your computer and get the full experience. :D You can hear all this wind due to the power of the train. I felt like I was blowing around as I filmed. :D The train is about 150 cars, according to my attempt to count them, plus three engines. You typically see two engines at best for freight trains in this region, so this was a longer than average train. The last 10 seconds showing the crossing gates going up are cut off because Flickr only allows vids up to 3 minutes.....

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Uploaded on October 12, 2014