Climate Expedition to Puerto Rico’s Climate Change-Threatened Places Cities, Corals, Coquís & Cloud Forests
Photo Credits: Benjamin Crain

Photo Credits: Oliver Bencosme/Sea

Earlier this year, CLCC Staff, the Climate Reality Project, & guests from the Latino Climate Action Network embarked on a climate expedition to four climate change-threatened locations in Puerto Rico: Beaches of the Northeast Ecological Corridor, El Yunque Rainforest, East Peak of the El Yunque Cloud Forest, and la Ventana al Mar in the famous San Juan barrio Condado.

Kasey Jacobs, CLCC Partnership & Outreach Coordinator, kept a journal of the day-long adventure in the company of some of Puerto Rico’s leading experts from the Puerto Rico Climate Change Council (PRCCC) and the Climate Reality Project. Blog posts to be available soon at Photographers Benjamin Crain with the International Institute of Tropical Forestry and Oliver Bencosme with Puerto Rico Sea Grant College Program did an extraordinary job capturing the day’s activities and sights. Hosted by the U.S. Forest Service, the trip offered a way out of the pages of long climate vulnerability reports and into the field. Latino community leaders from the Brooklyn-based organization El Puente (founders of the newly created Latino Climate Action Network), and their hosts together ventured into parts of Puerto Rico some people never see. They experienced first-hand how climate change is currently or is expected in the near future to change the landscapes and seascapes of our treasured island. Most climate expeditions venture into remote places of the Earth and report back on glaciers, ice caps, polar bears, and far away islands. But more and more it’s apparent that our backyards are the places where we should be most concerned with climate change. Follow our journey into one of America’s backyards – Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment!
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