Trio Farmers Cacao Association
In plain view of mountainous terrain of Belize’s most southern district, Punta Gorda, farmers of Trio Village have been facing a changing environment. Ya’Axche Conservation Trust approached the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) to assist the villagers with combating threats that were exacerbated by climate related events. This involved deforestation due to lack of water, insufficient arable land and forest fires which threatened crops. The main initiative involved attaining land, donating cacao seedlings and providing technical assistance and training for climate resilient crops.
The Head of the Project Development Management Unit at the CCCCC explained why the centre became involved in the initiate. According to Dr. Mark Bynoe “It’s not a case that these issues are new, it’s a case where these issues are likely to be exacerbated with a change in climate regime. So with that focus we looked at projects within the centre that we had and which could finance this particular initiative. We were able to find $250,000 US under the UK DFID program. So for the last two years we were able to fund this initiative in Trio Village.”
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