• Boeing 727: Classic T-Tail with 3rd engine nasel on top of the fuselage embedded in the tail. Although not visible in this pic the tail ends with a point that just out from the back of the tailtop.
    *Airplanes 101*
  • 727 series: Third engine in tail protrudes out of tailcone. It is highly visible.
    *Airplanes 101*
  • 727 series: Classic early Boeing jetliner cockpit windows. Six windows total with two eyebrow windows above them on each side. Side windows slant downward on the bottom. All 707s, 727s & 737s have this design.
    *Airplanes 101*
  • 707, 727 & 737 nosecone - more pointy than Airbus or McDonnell Douglas. All three aircraft series share the same common fuselage design.
    *Airplanes 101*
  • 727 series: the 727-100 Shown here has the shortest fuselage length. The -200 model is longer with the main exit in front of the window line.
    *Airplanes 101*
  • 727 series: Highly swept back wings, larger than the DC-9 and MD-80 line.
    *Airplanes 11*
  • 727 series: Not visible but 727s also have a drop down set of stairs at the back of the fuselage that passengers can use to deplane in an emergency or remote airport.
    *Airplanes 101*
  • Newer 737s eliminated these. - Triborough
  • Fantástico, lendário, histórico.... - JONES CESAR DALAZEN
  • *Airplanes 101*
    On the 727-100 there is no door up front on the right side of the aircraft like most other aircraft. The entry point is in the middle of the fuselage. One the -200 version the door is positioned here up front.
  • No wing engines! That's what I like about the 727. - Aaron Escobar

First Air 727-100

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First Air's old 727 arriving in Montreal from most probably Nunavut in the Arctic. This plane was recently retired from service.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

*Airplanes 101* (See Airplanes 101 Set)
Name: Boeing 727 (727-100, 727-200, 727F)
Manufacturer: Boeing (USA) .
Main Role: medium capacity short-medium range mainline jetliner
Basic design: Three engines trijet with two side mounted engines and a single tail engine, single aisle narrow body jet. Airframe based on the Boeing 707
Capacity: Roughly 95-130 passengers for the 727-100, 130-190 for the 727-200
Range: 5000km for the 727-100, 3900km - 4500km for the 727-200
First delivery date: 1964 for the 727-100, 1967 for the 727-200
Still in production today: No
Easily confused for: TU-154, DC-9 series, MD-80 series, MD-90, Boeing 727-200, Fokker 100,
Main identifying points: Look for the classic Boeing cockpit windows with 4 "eyebrow windows above the main windows - two on each side, Two side mounted engines and an integrated tail engine, no winglets on most although some still flying today have large upward swept blended winglets like the Boeing 737, & a High distinctive large mass tail & engine exhaust tail cone. The tail and middle engine is very distinctive. The plane most resembles the Russian TU-154 but that aircraft has downward sloping wings, a much more widely separated set of main landing gear and large fuel tanks visible on it's wings, a more stylish engine exhaust... plus a large cone pointing forward from the top front of the tail thus very unique and unlike this plane when seen close up. From a distance though they resemble each other.
Examples of Main Operators: Very few if any major carriers still fly this. Fed Ex & UPS still fly the freighter version, many private operators fly them and some charter carriers and airlines Africa & Asia may still operate them but generally speaking they are rare now despite being one of the most common planes around in the 1970s and 1980s.

For more pics of 727 aircraft see the Boeing 727 group here at Flickr.

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    I remember these planes well -- my first-ever jet flight years ago was on a 727-100 of now-defunct Braniff International Airways.

    One barely discernible difference between the -100 and -200 series is this: on the -100s, the center engine intake above the fuselage is elliptical and on the -200s it is circular.

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    6foot2 texan - Thanks, I remember Braniff well, they flew to Montreal & Toronto briefly from Dallas & Houston before their demise. 727s were put on the route. I wasn't aware of the circular vs elliptical center intake though. Nice to know! Thanks

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    I loved flying on 727s, the rear mounted engines made for a much quieter ride :-) It didn't hurt that Western Airlines served champagne on every flight ;-)

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    one42chrisp I loved them too. Never flew Western Airlines though.. sounded like a nice flight experience :-) Even to this day I still think they are good looking aircraft.

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    Western were great, I was quite upset when Delta took them over :(

    I agree about the 727's good looks!!

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    A lot more gracious than the current 737 models! Only the fan diameters could probably be a bit larger. Anyways, a very nice capture of an awesome aircraft!

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