• *Airplanes 101* 737-300: Compared to Airbus that has visible above head lighting, Boeing integrates the lighting on the 737-300 behind the window panels each of which have two layers of framing around the windoes.
  • *Airplanes 101* 737-300 - Note the more squared off window. Airbuses generally have slightly smaller rounder windows.

United 737-300

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Leg room on this Boeing 737 I flew from Cincinnati to Chicago wasn't all that bad.

*Airplanes 101* (See Airplanes 101 Set)
Name: Boeing 737
Manufacturer: Boeing Corp. Chicago Illinois (USA)
Main Role: small to large capacity, short, medium & long range mainline jetliner
Basic design: twin engined, single aisle wide narrowbody jet. The airframe is based on the Boieing 707 and today comes in a multitude of sizes ranging from the stubby short range small capacity 737-500 to the long range large capacity 737-900.
Photo: The interior of a United 737-300 older out of production model of the second generation 737s. The lighted wall panels are no longer typical of the current 737 cabins although you do get a good sense of what an airline can offer it's passengers in terms of six seat across comfort in economy.

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  1. ConvairsForever 68 months ago | reply

    I know what you mean about the hidden lighting, it is so much more pleasing if you are at the window. Otherwise - and this happens on the 767s and the Airbus A320, you get a torrent of fluorescent light in your eyes. Not at all soothing.

  2. caribb 67 months ago | reply

    ConvairsForever - I personally dont mind the direct fluorescent lighting but I much prefer this more subtle hidden method. I think it just looks cooler too. I always remember the old 747-100/200s had really nice hidden lights around the windows. I was both surprised and disappointed when they reverted back to standard wall panels for the 400 model. I wonder what the reasoning was?

  3. ConvairsForever 67 months ago | reply

    The later standard wall panels are just that - standard (snooze). I remember the early 747 panels, and they had the nice treatment with the recessed area around the windows. In that setup, the wall panels could be customized for a certain look: Braniff's 'rooms' had alternating colored panels, TWA went for a wood-grain look (!) and the British favored a mottled appearance. Sadly it has all been replaced by off-white plastic with no personality.

  4. caribb 67 months ago | reply

    I remember BA's colours.. there was colour back then. Have you seen a picture of Alitalia's 777 cabin? It's entirely grey.. everything's grey, seats, walls, panels carpet.. it's the most bland looking airplane interior you could possibly make. It's the complete opposite of this:
    Wardair DC-10 1986

    ...ok, maybe bland isn't entirely bad LOL..!

  5. ConvairsForever 66 months ago | reply

    I have indeed seen the Alitalia 'colors' and they are not exactly striking. The 767-300s also use the gray throughout. This started with their MD-11s, but with that aircraft, the grays were light in front and got progressively darker as you went aft, so at least there was some variety. They hired someone famous - Armani? - to do this,so you can blame him! The Wardair DC-10 cabin above is a replica of the Braniif cabin from Big Orange 747 N601BN, right down to the fabrics and panels. This started when in 1971 Wardair picked up the second 747 that BN had ordered but never took (the 'Big Watermelon') . By 1986 it was a bit much!

  6. caribb 63 months ago | reply

    ConvairsForever - Sorry, I must have missed your comment when you make it many months ago. You're right about Armani designing the AZ cabins. Hard to believe eh? Personally I think of them as being the ultimate example of bland design.. not something I normally associate with Armani. Interesting side note on Braniff & Wardair. I never knew this. Perhaps Wardair picked up that 747 and just kept the cabin design for themselves. I'd like to see some colour back in aircraft, perhaps not this much but at least a little life compared to the conservative safe schemes they all seem to do today.

  7. ConvairsForever 62 months ago | reply

    Your comment was better late than never - I know few people, even aviation fanatics - who can comment so well on the cabins. There is so much blue and gray leather in planes these days. Furthermore, coach cabins have only one seat cover, rather than some variety. (reduces inventory I guess). Really, it feels like an office. I would think that some nice pastel shades would be the way to go.

    Remember the winter-spring-summer-fall themes in the four coach cabins of AC 747s?

  8. caribb 62 months ago | reply

    ConvairsForever - Way too much blue & Grey these days, I agree. Pastels would be an improvement if at least they have some hint of colour. I do remember the seasonal panels of AC. They were quite nice. I preferred those old 747 panels to the new ones. Also BOAC/British Airways had some nice designs to I recall. It seems the whole environment back then was more visually stimulating. It seems today companies don't want us to think..

  9. aerodude 60 months ago | reply

    It's funny how someone mentioned about this being a good example of the nighttime feeling on airliners. I agree. I've always noticed ever since I was young how airliner cabins have this certain atmosphere about them at night. It especially felt magnified when you were flying late at night to some exotic or far flung place. It's kind of hard to put in words, though. There, y'all think I'm weird now, haha.

  10. O HAI THAR! [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

    It's a shame United is retiring the B737 :(

  11. caribb 59 months ago | reply

    aerodude - I totally understand you. I feel the same sometimes. It's enclosed, quite with mood lighting.. you're heading to a new land and new experience.. people around you are different from you normally see and encounter.. the mood is set by the plane.. We're travelers are heart :-)

    Bleep Bleep Bloop - Are they really? All their 737s or just the older ones? They did announce they were going to place a major aircraft purchase soon.. should be interesting. They sure need some new planes.

  12. O HAI THAR! [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

    There's about 25 active B737 left in the fleet.....due to leave by the end of 2009. The B737 was the first plane I've ever flew on, so it has a special place in my heart...there's something special about the B737 that other aircraft can't match, I don't know how to explain it, but there's something...

  13. caribb 59 months ago | reply

    I didn't know only 25 remained. That will be a sad day when they are all retired. I hate seeing "familiar faces" disappear. Oh well, they served UA well.

  14. A Sutanto 53 months ago | reply

    Excellent shot. Been on many of UA's B737. Never thought they look this cozy. This is really nice.

  15. caribb 53 months ago | reply

    > Sutanto - It's funny you say that.. I could say the same thing myself. Not that UA is bad or anything but "cozy" isn't a word that comes to mind when I'm on their planes but from this pictures perspective it does kinda fit.. go figure..

  16. Michael Davis Photography 53 months ago | reply

    I just about said, that has got to be United with that interior style. LOL!! Cool shot!

  17. caribb 53 months ago | reply

    Michael Davis - AirTeamImages I guess you could say this is a "vintage" look.. I believe I heard UA was (finally) going to overall their cabins. Hopefully they'll upgrade to at least the 1980s. :-)

  18. australianpolicyonline 16 months ago | reply

    Thanks from Australian Policy Online. This pic is on APO's home page (with attribution) for a few days from 13 December 2012. See www.apo.org.au/ (illustrating an article called 'Qantas drops in-flight Wi-Fi – the NBN to the rescue?'). APO is a non profit website making the latest Australian and International social policy research available to the public. Thank you for listing your image with a Creative Commons license

  19. ActingStand 15 months ago | reply

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