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Going Home

It's always a battle getting on and off the Metro trains in Montreal especially at busy stations like this one. We behave in this situation the same way as we drive... everyman for himself with little regard to people we deem as in the way of us getting ahead.

  • Steven Vance PRO 9y

    You drive more considerately than Americans, that's for sure.
  • Whiny Dancer PRO 9y

    This is just wonderful !! You really caught the feeling of the crowd..and it's such a colourful photo..full of energy !!!
    I like the ads...I like the crispness..I like the light shadows on the top of the metro cars...I like the angle...very nice.

    Just a note: Montrealers though are very respectful while waiting for buses....such a difference.
  • Doug 9y

    steveance... well, perhaps that's so although I haven't seen any widespread evidence of it. Across the border in Vermont, New Hampshire & New York State they are much better, same across the border in Ontario at least to Ottawa although Toronto isn't much better... but generally outside of Quebec the drivers tend to respect the basic rules of the road. We have our own rules although we all know them and apparently we are still a pretty safe place to drive in despite the obvious chaos and "me first" road mentality here. In big US cities, Detroit is a lot like us, New York City is worse, LA was probably a bit better and I think that's it for my personal driving experiences in the US so perhaps it's just an general urban phenomena. I think though it's tough being an out of towner driving here because your usual expections about how people will react on the road in familiar situations is just thrown out the window... and the pedestrians are equally as nuts.. traffic lights mean nothing... cross walks are a joke here...pretty designs on the pavement basically and that's it..

    Whiny - thanks so much for the comments. I don't take the bus that often unfortunately.. I used to take the metro to work when I worked downtown and now I have to drive to Laval... I miss the metro. I agree though whenever I've taken the bus, including Laval, the people are pretty polite about it all.. that's because they aren't maniacs behind a car steering wheel LOL...!
  • Steven Vance PRO 9y

    Visiting Canada for the third time, in 2003, reminded me of the driving evident in Brasil (visited five times):

    People drive in the right lane of a 2+ lane highway and pass in the left lane. If you're still in the left lane and someone wants to pass you, then it's a common courtesy to promptly move into the right lane.
  • Doug 9y

    ...uh...what part of Canada were you visiting? The left lane is the standard driving lane for many in Quebec and the right lane in a 3 lane highway is often the speed/passing lane.. Outside of Quebec (or at least Montreal) what you describe is what generally has been my experience but here at home it's pretty pathetic. I have nothing good to say about our driving habits here although I'm sure everyone everywhere says the same thing about their own city. It's just one of the more miserable things we put up with in life I guess in part because driving a car is one of the few things we have complete and total control over and many people abuse it.
  • Steven Vance PRO 9y

    My mom and I drove from Chicago to Toronto. I think we entered Canada from New York or Pennsylvania. On our way back, we entered the United States from Windsor.

    In Illinois, lawmakers made a law stating that drivers can only drive in the left lane on a 3 lane highway for up to 1/2 mile at a time and only to pass other drivers. It hasn't worked. Everyone thinks this is dumb and the police have not enforced the law.

    Maybe this applies to cross-country highways and not metro highways?
  • Doug 9y

    Toronto is a whole different driving animal than Montreal :)... seriously, they aren't much better but in completely different ways. Toronto is a larger city to begin with and the newer parts have excellent roads with wide lanes and well placed street signs. The drivers tend to adhere to the rules of the road almost to a Montrealer's point of annoyance LOL... They will stop in the middle of a street to let someone cross. We on the other had will have a competition to see who can scare them back onto the sidewalk faster! Montreal is an old city by North American standards. There are a lot of narrow weirdly shaped streets and a lot of the highways are also narrow with narrow lanes so we are used to driving very close to one another. In Toronto they simply have more space so we are more "in your face" to begin with and what we consider a normal move around cars would been seen as an aggressive move in Toronto. It's really an experience driving from one city to the other and seeing the differences for yourselves. I think the only US city that I've driven in that is similar to Montreal is Detroit... and I only went to Auburn Hills to see a Piston's game so basically highway driving most of the way but people were as aggressive as at home and there seemed to be more of them which is weird since I believe it is a smaller city, but still I felt at home LOL...

    In Europe it's even crazier than home. In Rome they drive even on the sidewalks when it gets too congested. In Paris on the Perepherique I've seen a police car pass us on the inside right lane with two wheels on the wall and two wheels on the shoulder narrowly missing us... and Athens... OMG... so many motorcycles, motor scooters and Smart cars that wiz all around you... it's nuts there... throw in the tiny narrow streets and voila...instant chaos... but that's all part of the charm when you are visiting.. another story when you are trying to get to work :)
  • A Sutanto PRO 9y

    This is a very interesting picture. Definitely gives me a sense of what the metro is like in busy times.

    And caribb...looks like you and I have some common interest. I have always been interested in subways and airliners.
  • Doug 9y

    Thanks Sutanto. It can get pretty crowded down there at rush hour. Glad to hear your share some of my passions. I seem to like anything that moves people :)
  • Trey Taylor 9y

    I love your photos!! Most of my favourites are all yours. I am going to miss the Métro. We don't have one where I live in B.C. Love your pics.
    *Terminus, Merci devoir voyager avec le STM*
  • Doug 9y

    entertreynment - Gee thanks! You know there's nothing stopping you from coming back and visiting... mind you BC is sooo beautiful it would be hard to leave :)
  • Doug 9y

    freckles_the_cat - it's so true what you say about being agressive on well traveled routes. I'm the same way and when I see someone from out of town or say a senior citizen driving in rush hour I immediately try to get around them because I know they are going to be out of sync with everyone else. We know what lane to be in, where to drive faster or slower etc in order to get to the "end" the most efficient way. Here in Montreal part of that trick just happens to be scaring the guy in front of you off the road LOL.. ok maybe not that bad but I've seen some really amazing things around me when going to or from work...

    One conversation I heard in our office at work this week was how annoyed some of my colleagues were because the police were cracking down on speeding. I sat there and tried to supress a good laugh... they actually saw the cops trying to maintain some civility in our driving (there's been a local campain to cut down on the number of speeders lately) as annoying, frustrating and unfair. Oyiee.. typical Montrealers in some respects... Traffic lights, turning signals and speed limits seems to be for optional use but I know it must be working because hitting our wallets is the only way we'll learn.
  • Markus Lippeck 8y

    Great! woud you like to post this pic to my group "street people Situation"?
  • :: Sophie Addison :: 8y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Face of Montreal. This group is about showing different aspect of Montreal and about sharing your views and perspectives of the city. We'd love to have your photos added to the group.
  • Shawn Smith PRO 7y

    Crowded transit platforms? Yeah, we have those in Charlotte as well :-) . . .

    DSC02987 by sds70
  • Doug 7y

    Markus Lippeck - Done

    sophie.addison - Done also

    sds70 - Yep, I think it's pretty much a universal thing these days. I have noticed though our trains are longer than most others I've been in in other cities (Paris included)... Elsewhere they tend to have shorter trains and more frequent service.
  • Axel Drainville PRO 7y

    I really like this pic, full of life!
  • pleia 7y

    Hello, in Mexico is worse.
    I´m writting in my blog some about this. Your picture is great.
    Can I use your picture ?, I will write your name in it, and I will write a link to come here.
  • EMBARQ Sustainable Urban Mobility by WRI PRO 5y

    Great shot! We love the color!

    We used the photo in the following article on
  • Doug 5y

    Axel Drainville Thank you, down there is always is!
    pleiaThanks also. Sure go ahead!
    EMBARQ Sustainable Urban Mobility by WRI Thanks very much!
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