• You can see some of the cat's hair. She always sleeps on this corner of the bed, and she's shedding a lot. *grumble*
  • Top of the pile of books beside my bed. Yes, this pile of books is at least 2 ft high. And that's normally there, not in the closet.
  • Box for my camera
  • Dune books I need to return to Mark
  • Flashlights with dead batteries
  • Dirty laundry
  • Clean laundry
  • Clean laundry
  • Boxes from the pharmacy at a local grocery store, hence the warning labels on the box tape
  • Alarm doesn't work, but it's still a nice, big, easily readable clock
  • Box from my closet that I haven't opened in 3 years
  • Boxes with clothes I got last Christmas, but haven't worn yet
  • Drawer with the pr0n stash. - InSinU8

My room, it's a mess

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It's messy, even by my standards. I had to empty out my closet to make room for the repiping guys to knock a hole in the wall.

  1. izzycrow 107 months ago | reply

    It's funny how the clean laundry is indistinct from the dirty laundry - way to fold there, guy

  2. Lisa/Bethy Kataoka 107 months ago | reply

    Looks like it's time to vacuum those sheets again.

  3. Carey Tilden 107 months ago | reply

    Damn you Lisa, don't give away my secrets!

  4. InSinU8 107 months ago | reply

    oh my. Oh My.

  5. zuzuspetals520 107 months ago | reply

    This makes your cubicle look tidy.

  6. Carey Tilden 107 months ago | reply

    My cubicle IS tidy. I don't have ANY boxes on the ground, I have relatively few papers all over my desk, and I even make the attempt (futile though it may be) to keep the cables in order. Don't even try to disagree.

    PS: This is what a messy cubicle looks like.

  7. zuzuspetals520 107 months ago | reply

    Uncle! Compared to your cubicle, mine looks like someone shook a file cabinet and dumped it out on a table. Still not as bad as Nick's tho! There's no food wrappers or mysterious odors... Although, I was just just reminded, there are no heads in canisters in Nick's cube. You win...

  8. izzycrow 107 months ago | reply

    hey wait... there's no odors in my cubicle! Just the clean, refreshing scent of maps being made in a timely & efficient manner

  9. zuzuspetals520 107 months ago | reply

    You're just used to it. Fear not, your office is still better than some.

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