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Yep Mehhhhhh, Thats how I feel, FFS im still ill and seem to be getting worse rather than better, Spent most of the day in bed again( This is not like me ) and im still exhausted . Its supposed to be infusion day next week but there is no way they will do it if Im like this and I need my 7 weekly infusion, I feel ready for it . Got some bloods being taken tom so hopefully the results will be clear and my infusion can go ahead .

So no Burlesque tonight..I have made the decision to lie on the sofa instead and rest, This is crap and I feel all woe is me but I dont do ill , I tend to be able to soldier through usually. I dont remember feeling this fatigued for ages and although it can be part of my arthritis I thought the fatigue part was over , Its been so long.. Why Now ?

So todays shot, I could not even be bothered to go outside so its through the window as the houses across the road.. mehhhhh

Hopefully normal service will be resumed by the weekend , My list of ideas is building but im not getting out there taking them .Boo

Heating is on , cuddled to my hot water bottle on the sofa and watching a movie , Just need my feet rubbing now...Mr Clodders are you reading...

P.S I dont require sympathy , I will be fine, but if you feel the need to send chocolate then please feel free as im sure it will help make me better.None of that Hersheys crap though...All other chocolate is fine.

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Taken on September 20, 2012