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Red Shoes

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So another woodland shoot and today a new location, I like it here as it was really pretty and well enough off the beaten track to be safe too.

I remembered all my kit (finally ) but was not so prepared for the rain shower( cue me jumping quickly off the rock to get the camera covered and so the shoot was kinda cut short)

So Red shoes(Fuck me Shoes) and one of my Secrets( yes Im back with the secrets), I seem to be getting quite a shoe fetish at the mo, Mainly boots but I always wanted a pair of Red Fuck Me shoes. From being much younger I never wore heels and I mean never, never wanted too, never got what all my friends got excited about when they looked at shoes, never wanted any. I was simply a boots girl mainly clodhoppers hence the nickname Clodders.

Later when I started to think about shoes I was too ill to wear heels, hell I was too ill to even walk so heels would be pointless right.

4 years ago I bought my first pair of high red shoes, I loves them but am however still to wear them out .Lol...I have tried to practise in the house with them and im getting there, so this year I may well wear those Fuck Me Shoes out... Im scared of falling off them and hurting myself, or even worse looking stupid and thats not the kind of Fuck me I was thinking

So secret no whatever?, I love shoes and have an ever growing collection and I have shoes I may never wear out or even wear , But hell they make me happy my pretty shoes..

So this year (My year of 40) I have a list of things Im going to do. I guess it was supposed to be 40 things ( I have about 108) but its gonna be fun.

I hope to share many of the things on the list with you( some I wont lol).

Pretty Red shoes.. I loves you.

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Taken on July 30, 2012