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How I do it

A few of you have asked how I do the water drop/reflection shot so here goes I will try and tell you my way(changed slighty from the mags way)


First you will need paint the water drops


2.Glycerin..make up one part water to one part glycerin,this is your water drop and the glycerol helps keep the drop stable.


3.Translucent surface..I use a half of an old cd cover


4,white paper backdrop(to do the whole process over)


5,scribblings of what you want to reflect,small enough to fit under the translucent surface.


6.light sourse ,from the side,I use a window as i did not like the harsh lamp light.


Ok so get the white back drop paper and over it you need to suspend the Translucent surface..I use pudding bowls..small ones.You need to suspend the translucent surface 5 to 10 cm above the white paper..


Place the scribbling of your choice under the translucent surface above the white back drop .


Take the paint brush and paint dots of water where you would like them(experiment in random or patterns)


Use A or AV mode i use (asrecommended an F stop of 11)


You need to hold the camera at a slightangle to the droplets


Take pics..try to focus on a water drop,you wont be able to focus on both the water drop and the pattern at the same time so while some drops are in sharp focus,reflections in others blurred droplets will be sharp as well.Focusing on a catch light at the top of a droplet works well.


Then edit as required...


Hope this helps and any part you dont get,please yell


Im looking forward to seeing all your goes...



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Taken on June 25, 2008