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Guest Book, Musee Mecanique.

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If you look at the blow-up, someone from Germany is complaining about the expensive beers in America.

Okay, "Richard Alvarez."

1) This isn't a general poll of foreigners here, this is a little courtesy guest book at the Musee Mechanique. If you have a problem with expensive beers, grow a spine and confront your tormentors instead of whining about it in an unrelated non-beer-serving guest book. That's right, the guest book doesn't serve beers.

2) You are from Germany and you are complaining about the prices in the US? Get real.

3) One does not travel from Germany to America to taste the beers. That would be like me going to Germany to visit a sullen service worker. We have perfected the sullen service worker stereotype, so there is no need for me to do this, Clever Hans.

Addendum 2011 March: I read an article that indicates German beers are becoming more and more moribund because you've got all of these outdated regulations to ensure that beers are _very_ German, a very narrow/strict definition. They're keeping you on a short leash over there, Hans. Meanwhile, other countries are doing wheelies around your encampment, trying weird-ass flavors and whatnot etc. So forget what I said about awesome German beers.

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