• should have cleaned your fingernails beforehand! :D - archidave

A Love Less Licentious?

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Just in time for Valentine's day, I got the pictured bracelet at an bar.

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  1. ryanmurphy 63 months ago | reply

    and everyone says you can't find love in a bar.

  2. CarbonNYC 63 months ago | reply

    Best. Comment. Ever. :)

  3. stevo750 63 months ago | reply

    Emotive image.... and er, hope you managed to get the wristband off after the pic! :-)

  4. nettsu 63 months ago | reply

    ok I learnt what licentious means...

  5. southofbloor 63 months ago | reply

    see - here's where someone needs that firemans outfit...

  6. archidave 63 months ago | reply

    like the red and green colour theme here. I worry about teh circulation in your hands though.

  7. CarbonNYC 63 months ago | reply

    With my teeth.
    Bravo! Now let it inspire you to take a photo in tribute of the word -- preferably involving chickens. Which reminds me of this site I got pointed to yesterday.
    快樂情人節!Google makes it look like I speak every major world language. :)
    I'm not sure I understand that comment. Please explain for my dense self.
    What? Something's red and something's green? :) Being colorblind I worry that I over-oversaturate things. Which are you more worried about, though, my 'dirty' nails or my circulation?

  8. archidave 63 months ago | reply

    meh, dirty nails isnt a problem really. At least they are not manicured. That would be quite offputting

  9. southofbloor 63 months ago | reply

    To break you out - sometimes you just need a big strapping fireman around when you're all tied up.

  10. CarbonNYC 63 months ago | reply

    Thank god I Photoshopped out the cherry-red nailpolish. I think this will be my look for Valentine's Day.
    If I'm tied up and there's a fireman there I hope he's not overly focused on breaking me out. And that's all I have to say about that. :)

  11. southofbloor 63 months ago | reply

    I'm sure he'd know what to do...

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