• I think I love you! - archidave
  • good choice. learned and well thumbed - archidave
  • Room up here for some glossy photo-rich architecture books. - archidave
  • I can never find the first Neverending on DVD. - Studies in Solitude
  • I had an English teacher who loved Walker Percy. I read a lot of his writing that year, right before moving onto an equal quantity of Faulkner. - txkimmers
  • We won't even discuss how behind I am with the Goodkind books! :/ - // Denise //
  • Finally read this one; need to watch the old miniseries. I feel like Sebastian made the book and when he leaves it kind of wanders about...

My Bookshelf

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For the photogamer "Bookshelf" challenge.

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  1. archidave 71 months ago | reply

    Oh I am going to enjoy nosing through these! A bookshelf is always teh gateway into people psychie I think. Now lets see what i can find...

  2. nettsu 71 months ago | reply

    thats a lot
    i love that you have the incredibles, jeffrey and the mary tyler moore show

  3. CarbonNYC 71 months ago | reply


    Maybe I'll start a bookshelf series -- with all my bookshelves for you to inspect and assess. Although you really won't be finding those architecture books you're so eagerly anticipating -- if for no other reason than they're expensive!!!


    That's like 1/15th of my books...mostly the ones that are on the to-be-read list.. Jeffrey is basically my favorite movie ever and I acted in the play in college, so I have a fondness for it. :) The other two speak for themselves. :)

  4. mackee_lee 71 months ago | reply

    I was thinking about posting all my bookshelves too...

  5. CarbonNYC 71 months ago | reply

    Might reveal too much, in practice.

  6. CarbonNYC 71 months ago | reply


    Just finished Percy's Love in the Ruins -- that was a disturbing/fascinating/strange book. I definitely enjoyed it, and it's so prescient and apropos for modern America (and Florida in particular, I'd say).

  7. // Denise // 67 months ago | reply

    That's a really neat idea. hm. I'd posted once before, time for an update?

  8. CarbonNYC 67 months ago | reply

    Sounds good to me; would love to see what you've got around.

  9. // Denise // 67 months ago | reply

    Done! - and then also in the set (because I'm procrastinating), there's some close up shots of the shelves as well. ;-)

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