Broken Heart

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On the grounds of Grant's Tomb, a heart, reconstructed.

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  1. MattyD88 47 months ago | reply

    I just used this over at Great photo! Please let me know if I attributed it properly(!)

  2. rrjwriter 45 months ago | reply

    Just wanted to let you know that I used your photo for an article I wrote on, an online magazine. The photo credit is visible when readers hover over the image. The image can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail accompanying the article.
    Please let me know if you would prefer the credit to be under a different name and whether you require your original photo caption to be used, as I may have changed it to match the article’s content.

    Thanks for the awesome photo. It was perfect!

  3. Pachisi 44 months ago | reply

    einbildung ist auch eine bildung?

  4. Indd3rjeetKaur 43 months ago | reply

    Thank you for contributing to Creative Commons.

    I have used this picture in my creation, Fish Fry.

    Bitter sehr, besuchan Sie meinen Photostream and sagen mir "hi.",

  5. newdaynewlesson 43 months ago | reply

    used your picture on my blog and credited you. Thanks,

  6. ConceivePlus 38 months ago | reply

    Hey this is really good photograph, good choice Mr. broken heart err David

  7. barnes82 36 months ago | reply


    Your image is perfect for a project I'm working on for the literacy empowerment program Books of Hope ( This program serves at-risk urban and immigrant youth ages 13-23 in Somerville, MA. Participants write poetry, short fiction, essays, plays, memoir, and hip-hop lit, and with the help of professional writers, educators, and designers, create published works. Students participate in a book tour throughout New England where they read from their books and sell their works.

    I'd like to adapt your image for the cover of a book of poetry called "Shattered Heart" written by a 14-year girl. Her theme is breaking up and I think your image would be the perfect representation of her body of work.

    Please let me know if this is OK and how you'd like to be credited on the back cover. Unfortunately, the schedule is tight and books are due to the printer Wednesday, so I'd appreciate a quick response.

    Thank you in advance. It's people like you, who take such great photos and offer a creative commons option, that make it possible for non-profit organizations like Books of Hope (with no budget!) to provide their students with awesome opportunities and experiences.

    Lana Barnes
    Freelance Designer
    Volunteer for Books of Hope

  8. 35 months ago | reply

    Hi - I used your pic on my blog I'm a newbie so I'm hoping I did the credit correctly but please let me know if I didn't.

  9. khyzer1 29 months ago | reply

    i become sooo tired from my life

  10. JaclynAnneD 27 months ago | reply

    Love this image! Thanks for sharing on CC! I used this on my blog post:

  11. AliApow 25 months ago | reply

    Thankyou for sharing my dear:) I've used your pic in my blog at

  12. Quizzes.Net 20 months ago | reply

    Thank you for this nice photo. We have used this photo on our quiz here
    How to get over a breakup?
    Thanks again.

  13. Women's Web 17 months ago | reply

    Hi! Thanks for this nice pic. We have used it with attribution here:

  14. Mystery Girl Mosaics / Angie 15 months ago | reply

    Hi there! Just wanted to share with you.................. I Googled broken hearts tonight, looking for inspiration to mend my recently battered heart. Wanting to create a card, stuffed plush, clay creature or some other unique item. And instead I am attracted to your photo. Now here's the funny part, I am a mosaic artist & have done many similar to this! I guess we are drawn to what we know & makes us feel safe & secure. :) Thanks for sharing this lovely piece!

  15. CarbonNYC 15 months ago | reply

    I'm so glad everyone continues to enjoy and use this photo!

    You've made my morning! Thanks for stopping by. I can't take credit for the mosiac, only the (humble) photo, but people seem really moved by this idea. I choose to see this more as an image of healing than an image of damage. A heart is made from broken fragments, as all matured hearts are. I wish you well with your mending—continue making beautiful things. :)

  16. Mystery Girl Mosaics / Angie 15 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the smile........... I like the positive perspective twist!! I would like to create a healing piece now rather than a broken one. Thanks for the add - I will enjoy perusing your imaginative photographs captured through your artist eye! :) Cheers!

  17. RachelAolsonAuthor 12 months ago | reply

    Seriously loved your image. I used it in a book trailer for a poem anthology who's proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association and Alzheimer's Association. You've been credited at the image owner. You can find the image here: Thanks a bunch for providing this image!

  18. 2 months ago | reply

    Thanks for making the photo available! Used it as background for a blog post:

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