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you still gotta know how to use it. [121:365, 22:52] | by
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you still gotta know how to use it. [121:365, 22:52]

a selfie was the furthest thing from mind for my 365 today, seeing as i'm still feeling pretty sick. i didn't even think i'd pick up the camera, but some wonderful light through the window and a little burts bee lip shimmer and i was good to go.


i left the photo itself untouched, sooc [straight out of camera, minus watermark of course], to enter upon my next discussion. gear. mostly camera and lenses. i can't tell you how many times over the holidays i heard 'well THAT'S a nice camera' and 'i could take awesome photos if i had a nice camera like that!' kinda like 'yea your photos are nice BECAUSE of your camera.' [sidenote: it's especially frustrating to hear 'what a nice camera' when you know that you don't even have a GREAT one! it's not even as good as a nikon d90 or canon 7d or something!]


well i really would have liked to hand my camera over to these individuals and have them see how they do. because you still have to KNOW HOW TO USE IT. and that takes time, trial and error, patience, self-training, research, dedication, mistakes, and intelligence. you also need to know what kind of lens to use in what situation. i'd like to see them get great low light family candids out of their kit lens!


i'd like to see them know when to snap to get that perfect lil grin from the baby, or that gorgeous laugh from their cousin. i'd like to see them know how to get the light just right, how to angle the camera for the right perspective, know to get down on their belly for that face to face shot with their pet or child, know the right distances for appropriate depth of field, get the composition just right in camera!


from now on, i will not answer 'you take such nice photos, Cara,' as i have humbly before, with 'well i have a good camera.'


my reply will be, 'i have the help of a good camera, but you still have to know how to use it!'


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Taken on January 2, 2011