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Happy Monobokehthursday…. I Hope. | by thruthelookingglass
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Happy Monobokehthursday…. I Hope.

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Let me just begin by saying, i absolutely despise pompous people. that i have said that, i can move on to telling you what brought that on! Or......i can ask you all for YOUR definition of BOKEH! Since i like to be thorough about finding things out, i decided to look on the web, and also ask your humble opinion.


Here is a definition that i found on the web:


"The term bokeh is an anglicized version of a Japanese word used to describe the portion of a photograph that is out of focus behind the area of principal focus in a picture. When you see a portrait that has a creamy soft background and a nice crisp focus on the person being photographed, you are seeing bokeh. The shape of the highlights—sometimes round, hexagonal or other geometric shapes—is determined by the shape of the aperture in the lens.”

Lifehacker Photography / JASON FITZPATRICK


SO...i maintain that ANY out of focus section of a photo beyond what is in sharp focus (even with the lack of little balls of light, that are in this picture) is in fact Bokeh. Given this explanation, It could be the soft almost distinguishable shape of flowers or the smooth blur of colors created by whatever is behind the subject, created by the DOF of the lens. Yes, it IS DOF of the lens....but, if it is not clear, it is bokeh. Am i not understanding this explanation???


Now, i do not throw around the term pompous lightly....matter of fact i have come across very, VERY few people that fit that term strongly enough for me to tag them...but the person who wrote on one of my shots, sort of rubbed me the wrong way, and so i had a look at said persons profile. It fit the definition of pompous enough for me to tag him with it, and have no regrets :)

The old me would have just been annoyed and taken it as me doing something wrong, posting the shot on Bokeh Wednesday. However, the new me has decided that since HE is not in charge of the definition of Bokeh, and the shot i posted fits the definition above, i feel justified in answering him with a smug, "Live and Learn :p” . Some people just think they know it all....and i think after reading his profile, he should just take his toys and go home, because he does not belong on a friendly, fun sight like this!!


HMBT, my friends!


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Taken on July 27, 2012