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The holiest of all holidays are those kept by ourselves in silence and apart, The secret anniversaries of the heart...   ~HWL~      HBW/HHD! | by thruthelookingglass
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The holiest of all holidays are those kept by ourselves in silence and apart, The secret anniversaries of the heart... ~HWL~ HBW/HHD!

©2012 Susan Ogden-All Rights Reserved Images Thruthelookingglass


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...Wow! i LIKE this shot....I just do. The quietness...the pale, soft colors....the vague, faded whispers of flower buds in the little secret, heart memories, sweetly tucked away. I am pleased with how this came fact this shot has made me smile and soothed my self critical mood after trying hard to figure out my 2 external hard drives!

I just wonder where i was when God was giving out Math and Technology genes....or why the companies that make the blinkin’ external hard drives do not put instructions in the box. They must know by now that there are people like me out there screwing it all up!

Basically my story is that i am 99.9 percent sure the photos are all in there....probably MORE of them than i had when i opened the computer tonight and dumped the pictures that just did not meet my self critical approval. The issue is i have not a clue how to tell for SURE they are there in those Hard Drives....i do not know where to even look to find them!! heck. i do not even know how to open them up to LOOK for them!!!! I am pretty sure my teensy technology gene is making this much harder than it really is....but i just can’t get it to be rational in my brain, and i am pretty frustrated with it at the moment. SIGH............i suppose this means another trip to see the Genius Guys at the Apple store....Shhhhh! don’t tell them....i am positive if they hear, they will call in sick tomorrow!(seriously...there are at least 4 of them that know me by name, and they are really good at smiling when they say hello to me, in spite of what i am sure is running through their Genius Guy heads!)

Wish me luck, or maybe best to wish THEM luck tomorrow.....i am hitting the pillow now, before my head explodes!


HBW~HHD, sweet friends!


Hmmmm...maybe THIS is why i work well in Special Education!!! ;)


UPDATE: Mac is spending the night at the Genius Guys house....sigh....maybe i can get him in the the meantime i continue to do battle with the dumb Dell, which for no apparent reason other than to annoy me it jumps to another screen and i have to get back to what i am is an alien thing....or it is possessed or something. not sure i am going to bed. Serious workouts begin in the morning....YAY, Pilates!!!


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Taken on March 19, 2012