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HAPPINESS IS BOKEHUMPWEDNESDAY! | by thruthelookingglass
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Never a dull moment matter how hard i wish for it!! It was a long but interesting Tuesday....Dentist appt (I do hate the dentist...not personally....just that dentists are not my favorite...they are right up there next to doctors...most lawyers and real estate agents (not all of them but a lot of them!!) in my book! (some of my good friends are in those professions and i excuse them from the rubble that is the rest of them!)

School was another session of the ridiculous, and absurd...but thankfully we are another day closer to summer break and i survived it. was going to go out for a shoot after school but i remembered that i was actually cooking dinner tonight, so i came home and made a homemade italian meat loaf and sweet potato fries with olive oil and cinnamon with a touch of brown sugar and had myself a small nap while they were cooking.....then after dinner drove out to my youngest daughters apartment....she needed to borrow her dad’s mini tape recorder for a meeting tomorrow....She and a nurse from work are involved in a matter at work where they had to report a coworker for endangering the life of some of the clients. They have documents that show these things have been reported and nothing has been done about them and the person continues to over ride doctors orders for the clients. They have invoked the Whistle Blower Law, and have filed a letter with the state requesting that it be investigated. A 3rd person, who worked there in the past year found out and is coming forward to also place a complaint and altho she no longer works there, she has kept the documentation and wants to do the right thing. My daughter has guts and has told me that her oath of allegiance is to her clients (all mentally handicapped adults, living in group homes, one group home is one which she manages) and their safety and wellbeing. i am proud of her for standing up for what is right. She asked me tonight if i will still be proud of her when she loses her job and is living under an overpass!! She has been my spitfire her whole life and i see no hints that anything is going to change now. This is the same daughter that was assaulted while on a run in Richmond when she was in school down there, and chased her attacker, screaming at him the whole time “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???? GET BACK HERE YOU $@*^$*#&!!!” I swear she would have skinned him alive if she had caught him! He went to court and ended up getting out for “time served” in spite of a prior record and less than 2 months later, attacked another runner, raped and sodomized her. My daughter found out and called the prosecutor and asked to give testimony at his trial.....she was beyond livid. she drove down that summer and testified and helped put him in jail for a very long time! She is a good kid at heart and i am proud of her....even tho she scares me half to death sometimes....and yes, Kiera, even if you are homeless and living under the overpass, i will be proud of you!!! now can i please have a dull moment!!!???


Good night my friends! Another long day awaits.......but is Bokehumpdaywednesday!!!!! ENJOY!


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Taken on July 8, 2011